Snopes Is Run by a Couple with Playful Pet Rats


Snopes, the fact-checking website is not a sophisticated high-tech operation to hang one’s hat on.

If you want the Mikkelson’s who run left-leaning Snopes to be in charge of determining which sites are “fake”, just know they run it out of their pre-fab house with their cats and live rats. They have a bedroom for the cats and their playful caged rats.

David and Barbara Mikkelson claim they have no party affiliation but if you are well-acquainted with Snopes, you know they subtly give the advantage to the left most of the time.

They claim to use a lot of books to come to their conclusions. They have a library in their little pre-fab home with sturdy shelves you could lay a dead body on – I am not saying that – they said that – to NPR.

NPR wrote: In the living room, a cat and computer are close at hand. A trio of live rats plays in a cage nearby (they lost their roaming privileges after chewing too many wires). In the back is David’s “office,” which he says “is actually a bedroom for cats — in which they have graciously consented to sublet space.”

Pa Snopes says, “They’re kind of like the equivalent of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on the Billboard chart. They’re just there for years, and they never go away.”

Some day, they will go away.

While they Mikkelsons are myth busting, they should bust the myth that they are not as left as hell. When they play political fact-checker, they are Democrat operatives.

They don’t lie and they are subtle but keep your eye out for their slant and use their findings with care.