Snow and Ice Paralyze the Deep South



Over 150 frozen sharks turned up along the Gulf coast as the once in a ten year snow storm, Storm Leon, hit the south from Louisiana to Florida to North Carolina, with Georgia and Alabama hit hardest. The sharks were caught off guard and were frozen in the ice. A Mississippi Department of Wildlife spokesperson said that they will probably defrost and swim back into the swim. Great to hear!

ABC News reported that 8,000 were stranded in their cars, in schools, in offices.

Jacksonville is still under a weather storm watch but the storm is expected to lift by this evening.

The South is not equipped to handle a storm. New Orleans, for instance, has ONE snowplow. In some areas, only three inches of snow caused hours of gridlock.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said people were stranded in their cars for more than 24 hours and efforts are focused on getting food, water and gas to stranded motorists.

The National Guard in Georgia is sending Humvees onto the Freeways to get supplies to the children on stranded school buses.

By Wednesday at sunrise, Georgia led in the most canceled plane flights – 485.

While all this was going down, our president said climate change, meaning global warming, is a fact.