So It Begins: Left-Wing Media, Paris and Gun Control



When will we hear this from Barack Obama? CNN’s Bob Baer said the “easy availability of weapons in this country makes us vulnerable”. He insinuated our FBI said it though it’s not the case if you listen carefully to how it’s phrased.

Of course, it’s our guns! The gun grabbers are getting very tiring.

Why were the terrorists in Paris able to so easily acquire guns in France when the country doesn’t have a Second Amendment? What would have happened if some of the victims were armed?

The argument FOR guns becomes an anti-Second Amendment argument for the left. It’s unbelievable.

Thank God for our Second Amendment!


  1. CCN is funded by those that would leave us defenseless. How many lives would have been spared if French men were armed. Only criminals have gun in France and they like defenseless victums.

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