So Tax Them Already – This Merry Band of Millionaires Demand to Be Taxed More




Millionaires marched on Capitol Hill today begging to be taxed more. You know, the law allows them to pay as much income tax as they want. If they want to pay more, why don’t they just pay more?

“If you think the federal government can spend your money better than you can, then by all means” pay more in taxes than you owe, said Grover Norquist, of Americans for Tax Reform, a group that has gotten almost all congressional Republicans to pledge to vote against tax hikes. The IRS should have a little line on the form where people can donate money to the government, he suggested, “just like the tip line on a restaurant receipt.”

One of the irrational millionaires told Norquist that if he wanted low taxes and less government, “Renounce your American citizenship and move to Somalia where they don’t collect any tax.”

You have to wonder why these people want the government to run everything – what’s in it for them? Given the crony capitalism dominating DC these days, it seems likely that they are seeing themselves as the elite who will help rule the Big Government.

For his part, Norquist said he was ready for the group with a tongue-in-cheek Torah lesson: Maimonides and his “eight degrees of charity.” That’s what Norquist says the millionaires are essentially proposing with their tax-me-more pitch. Perhaps there should be a ninth, Norquist suggested.

“Nobody’s holding them back” from donating money to the federal government, he said as he prepared for the group’s arrival. “They’re saying, `Gee, I’d sure like to write a big check to the federal government, if someone would just stop stopping me.'”