So, What, U.S. Is Providing Iran’s Arms Shipment With A Safe Escort?


The Navy shouldn’t look like they’re doing “figure-eights” as they track an Iranian convoy reportedly taking arms to Yemen, Lt. Col. Peters said on America’s Newsroom Wednesday.

Marie Harf said yesterday that the U.S. ships are not there to intercept the Iranian ships, they are there to keep the shipping lanes open.

So, what, they’re providing Iran with a safe escort?

There is an arms embargo against the Iranians and even that won’t motivate the White House. They will not explain what is going on.

The Saudi Arabians have stopped bombing Yemen at the “request” of the White House, which is what the Iranians have demanded.

Lt. Col. Peters said what we’ve got “is an amazing split” with “the Pentagon saying, Look, we’ve got to support our allies” and “the Kerry State Department and the administration doing everything it can to appease Iran, chasing this nuke deal, and this unicorn.”

The administration’s notion is that we can have “a grand reconciliation with Iran” but the Pentagon is desperately “trying to hold together the old alliances.”

Because the administration wants this alliance with Iran they are willing to do “their bidding.”

We have diverted the warship and a guided missile cruiser to join other ships off the coast of Yemen. Lt. Col. Peters said they shouldn’t have been diverted unless they were going to be used. The administration is making it much worse. “Don’t make a fist, unless you plan to land a punch,” Peters said.

Peters said the administration has it backwards, the Houthi rebels are the ones who could block shipping.

The State Department won’t even admit we’re following the Iranian vessels.

Marie Harf thinks we are being subtle.

Peters said the only thing guaranteed out of this is Iran will be the winners and the U.S. and the allies will be the losers.

While all this insanity and confusion is taking place, US News & World Report is saying that the Obama administration has the highest approval rating of any leader in the world according to Gallup. His personal job approval is at about 50%. Sick!

It’s another red line from the confusing president with 48% job approval and with the highest worldwide popularity. Someone, please, wake me up from this nightmare.