Social Justice Warriors Declare War on Prof for Exposing Their Trite Research


Did you hear about the Twitter account RealPeerReview? The anonymous person – allegedly a professor – behind the account was exposing the imbecilic abstracts of mediocre but politically correct “scholarship” coming out of the campus identity politics lairs.

The Daily Caller reports that the RealPeerReview Twitter feed has been shut down amidst threats to expose the identity of the person behind it.

The person hopes to remain anonymous to save his/her career but all s/he did in this account was to put their abstracts up and highlight one or two of their absurd statements.

You would think these researchers would want everyone to see their fine work.

From the Daily Caller:

If the scholars believed their work had value, they would presumably appreciate wide distribution.

The account gained 10,000 followers in only four months by highlighting “research” papers based on low levels of academic rigor. Some were “autoethnographic,” meaning the author simply recounted how they felt when experiencing something. Other papers had tiny sample sizes with authors speaking only to a few friends — hardly a representative sample.

You won’t be shocked to discover that near-nonexistant standards in some of our colleges or most of them are very acceptable in studies involving the racist “critical race theory” and leftist feminism.

Soon after the account was deleted last week, a new group account popped up to pick up where the @Real_PeerReview left off.

I don’t care if you didn’t finish high school, you will know this is idiocy and you are their superior.

If you go to this link, you can read the exposed abstracts.

One was listed under philosophy, Activism Nature. It describes the piece by the “courageous researcher writing ecopoetry on the marginalized position of mushrooms”.

The line that was highlighted reads: “As the third “f” in contemporary biodiversity conservation, languishing behind fauna and flora, fungi occupy a comparably liminal and, possibly, marginal position in literary history and ecocritical studies.”

Now why would the originator of this research not want this tweeted all over?

Then there is this paper: Beard stories: Signification of Facial Hair In and Out of South Korea. The researcher (who probably got taxpayer-backed grants for this crap) wrote a peer-reviewed paper about how a South Korean reacts to his amazing beard”.

The line that was highlighted was, “This series of auto ethnographic vignettes shows some of the added effects of a beard felt by a body aesthetic that already signifies “foreigner” in the national imagery of South Korea.

Now didn’t you always want to know that?

We really need to get rid of tenure for these people.

This is from the new account:


  1. I’ve liked the phrase, ‘dumbing down of America’ related to this phenomenon. It’s become a complicated process that has evolved in academe and by government intervention into almost all aspects of our lives.

    It’s similar to seeing trophies being given out to youngsters for just being involved in an activity. It’s as if being ‘average’ isn’t a good thing and those who are above average get too much for their achievement.

    Not certain that makes sense. God has provided for me quite well and I’ve made some smallish achievements in my time here. It’s taken awhile to get back to this place in life. I was there when I was younger. Feeling blessed and thankful sure beats whining and victimology.

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