Socialist Healthcare Is Now Obamacare Reality


Government healthcare exchanges are here! The only healthcare exchange is the government’s and, make no mistake, we are charging into a single payer system – there is no other direction this can go.

Costs incurred by healthcare exchanges are expected to increase by $1 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

We are also headed for Alinsky healthcare co-ops run by folks like the SEIU.

The Obamacare subsidies, which are based on a sliding scale, penalize married couples. The subsidies also discourage people from working or making too much money. For example, “a family of four earning just below $88,000, or 400 percent of the poverty level, will receive about $5,000 in annual subsidies to purchase insurance in 2016. Once that threshold is crossed, the subsidy immediately drops to zero.” Obamacare Watch

The Obamacare exchanges will sink into Medicaid for all. Forbes and the 80/20 rule.

No one really knows the details of what is going on because there are no answers coming from DC. We do know that the state-based exchanges will be under the complete control of the federal government.

Unemployment will rise and benefits will decrease because of Obamacare. It will force employers to keep their workforces under 50 employees, put full-timers to part-time and/or take the fine instead of providing healthcare.

Sourced from the NY Post

Don’t count on keeping your insurance if you want to. Employer-based health insurance will become a thing of the past. It is so expensive that it adds $1.79 per hour to the cost of a full-time employee, which greatly affects retail outlets and restaurants.

You won’t be able to go without insurance because when you file your income tax, you have to show proof that you have health insurance or face a mega-fine. The big government now has the power to order you to buy health insurance.

$716 billion has been cut from future payments to Medicare and $247 billion less will go to hospitals for seniors. [Can you say “death panels?” We warned you seniors. Mitt Romney warned you. Paul Ryan warned you.]

Section 1311 allows the government to determine the protocols for how doctor’s treat you. [There is no judicial review. You can’t sue when they tell you take the blue pill or the red pill instead of the life-saving surgery.]

There are new taxes on most everything including your house sale and many will hit the middle class. [The $200,000 plus income earners get hit hardest for now but as the costs burgeon, everyone will pay for the “free” healthcare. We are now paying for everyone’s nose bleeds, abortions, and whatever.]

The bureaucrat, who will tell doctors and hospitals what to do, will cost taxpayers over $70 billion by 2020, which is enough money to pay for half the Americans who now say they are uninsured.

My doctor is wonderful. I trust him and he is a great diagnostician but he doesn’t have any stars next to his name in the health insurance booklets that go out because he didn’t cure enough people. The guidelines are being put in line with what people assume will be required by Obamacare and stars go next to the doctors who do the least.

My doctor treats seniors and handicapped people and there is usually no curing them. It is only going to get worse with the government mandating what doctors can or cannot do. The doctor-patient relationship now has the government in the middle.

Many Obamacare rules have yet to be written but we know that religious freedom will take a backseat with at least one rule – the HHS Mandate. As long as Sandra Fluke gets her “free birth control” who cares about the first amendment?

The 26-year old “child” will stay on the parents’ healthcare, but who knows what that healthcare will be like.

There are the $1 dollar abortions we will all pay for.

Pre-existing conditions won’t matter but expensive treatments and surgeries for older or sicker patients just won’t be there.

Premiums are going up until all are on the single payer socialist system and then there will be no end to the costs.

Let’s never forget that Congress and the Executive branch has exempted themselves from Obamacare. That says it all for me.