Obama’s America: Social Justice Under Barack Obama Is Anything But Just


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Despite warnings from the nation’s law enforcement, thousands of drug dealers – who have used guns in the commission of their crimes – will be released on to our streets.

There is one thing people should know. These are Federal prisoners and the ATF does NOT arrest and the Federal government does not imprison people who only use drugs. Some of the dealers have had their sentences cut down as part of a plea bargain.

At least 50,000 prisoners will be given early release. Some are getting 14 years off their sentences.

Federal prosecutors warn that drug trafficking is inherently violent but Barack Obama has decided to arbitrarily call these crimes non-violent because the majority of the prisoners are black.

The nation’s prosecutors also caution that reducing prison sentences for drug offenders will weaken their ability to bring dangerous drug traffickers to justice.


This is a hold over from the Holder reign. Eric Holder believed minorities and the poor were targeted and lenient penalties will stop that.

But don’t worry, fisherman are bring thrown in prisons to take their place.

The Justice Department reported that Anthony Joseph, a commercial fisherman from Levittown, New York, was sentenced today in federal court in Central Islip, New York, to seven months in prison for federal violations stemming from his role in systematically underreporting fluke (summer flounder) that was being harvested as part of the federal Research Set-Aside (RSA) Program, the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division announced.

Joseph was also sentenced to three years of supervised release following his incarceration and to pay $603,000 in restitution.

He falsified his daily records after catching too many fluke.

Working Stiff Anthony Joseph
Working Stiff Anthony Joseph

I say Hang Him! (sarcasm here.) I feel so much safer with the drug dealers going back on the streets along with all those hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants as long as those the fisherman is locked up.

Using a gun to deal drugs is now being forgiven and fishing for too many fluke will get you thrown in jail and fined a fortune.

This is Obama’s social justice!

Obama’s “justice” department has been over-criminalizing over-fishing since he came to office. This might be a good article to explain his fishing cap&trade scheme.

No one wants the fisherman to get away with breaking the law, however, why is this a worse crime than armed drug dealing?

Obama’s America is good at over-criminalizing the wrong things and feeling sorry for hardened criminals.

You must listen to this HORRIFIC story of Obama justice: