Socialist Lawyer Explains Why ‘Make America Great Again’ Is Racist



Claiming the phrase, Make America Great Again, is a racist statement is a tactic that preceded Donald Trump adopting it as a slogan. It’s being characterized as a microaggression in many colleges, most notably in the entire California university system by the head of the system, Janet Napolitano. The complaint is that America was never great for blacks, therefore, it can never be said.

There is something far more sinister behind it. The left wants to transform America and if it was great, that wouldn’t be helpful.

Replacing Americans with illegal immigrants and refugees won’t be acceptable if traditional America was great. Transforming our economy into some redistributive Marxist hell won’t work if it was great.

Listen to a leftist thought policeman explain why the phrase is racist if Trump says it. Words like “irrational” and “illogical” come to mind. He is responding to the fact that it was Bill Clinton’s slogan by now saying it wasn’t racist when Bill said it but it’s racist when Trump says it because of his motivations which this thought policeman apparently can discern using a mind meld perhaps.

Trump wants to stop illegal immigration and he is right in saying a lot of the people coming over now are criminals and terrorists. That has been confirmed many times by Border Patrol.


  1. Yesterday on Fox’s, The Five, a show becoming ever more intolerable as an hour-long Trump bashing session, Juan Williams also tried to assert, “Making America Great Again,” is racist only when Trump says it. Bill Clinton, not so much.

    Despite his intractable, liberal/progressive ideologies, Williams USED to come off, at least, as a nice guy. His undying loyalty to Hillary Clinton has of late revealed himself to be the worst sort of biased, racist, blindly defective Left Wing sycophant.

    I dare say, if Hillary lit an orphanage on fire, on Christmas Eve, as the little pink cheeked cherubs knelt bedside reciting their prayers, Williams would find some tortuous way to defend her. Something like, “thank GOODNESS Hillary has called attention to the orphan crisis.”

    Meanwhile, as Juan Williams excuses Hillary’s almost incomprehensible, damned dangerous, outrageously self serving, sinister behaviors, Dana Perino, “Bitter Clinger” to the Bush family, eats it all up with a Cheshire Cat like grin on her face while digging deep to find some small, inconsequential Trump issue to make hay of.

    “Together We’re Better,” chants Hillary … except, of course, for Christians, Jews, Conservatives, Patriots, Constitutionalists, Republicans (except those many #NeverTrump Progressive sellouts), recognizers of Radical Islam, Americans who open their own car doors and actually drive themselves, people who actually love and revere their country – Those all fall into a “basket of deplorables.”

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