Socialist Leahy Wants the Government to Read Your Emails

Senator Leahy Wants To Take Away Your Privacy

Do you know what an out-of-control Senate (ours) will do when an out-of-control self-confessed Socialist (Patrick Leahy) takes charge of the 4th amendment? He makes it null and void if we let him.

The Progressive Leahy wants the government to read any American’s emails whenever they so choose.

More freedom given up to the government! More privacy ceded to the government we are supposed to be controlling.

A Senate bill rewritten by the statist Leahy gives numerous government agencies the authority to read citizen’s emails without cause or a warrant. The excuse used by Leahy is to give police the authority they need.

What could possibly go wrong? I’m sure the government won’t abuse that!!! Can you say the police state is coming?

The bill is scheduled for next week. Better start calling and complaining if you care at all about the 4th amendment.

Check out the highlights:

  • Grants warrantless access to Americans’ electronic correspondence to over 22 federal agencies. Only a subpoena is required, not a search warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause.
  • Permits state and local law enforcement to warrantlessly access Americans’ correspondence stored on systems not offered “to the public,” including university networks.
  • Authorizes any law enforcement agency to access accounts without a warrant — or subsequent court review — if they claim “emergency” situations exist.
  • Says providers “shall notify” law enforcement in advance of any plans to tell their customers that they’ve been the target of a warrant, order, or subpoena.
  • Delays notification of customers whose accounts have been accessed from 3 days to “10 business days.” This notification can be postponed by up to 360 days.

CNET says that “Leahy’s rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission — to access Americans’ e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also would give the FBI and Homeland Security more authority, in some circumstances, to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge.”

“The list of agencies that would receive civil subpoena authority for the contents of electronic communications also includes the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Maritime Commission, the Postal Regulatory Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Mine Enforcement Safety and Health Review Commission.”

Goodbye America!

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