Socialist Republic of California Likes Travel Bans of Red States

Hard-left Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra

California is like a foreign country, a Socialist foreign country.

LGBTs are protected by the left-wing if they do what the left wants. If LGBTs wave Israeli flags, some on the left will attack. The left also hates travel bans unless it’s their travel bans.

Hypocrisy rolls off their backs.

BLM supporters shut down the gay pride parades in D.C. and Toronto. The organizers egregious error was to allow police floats. In Chicago, the Dyke Parade organizers wouldn’t let gay Jews holding Israel flags or the Star of David march in the parade. It was a nod to Palestine. So far as we know, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that doesn’t make it illegal to be gay.

California likes some travel bans

The left also fights temporary travel bans to allegedly protect their Islamist base. But they have no problem with travel bans of states whose policies they oppose.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced last week that he is immediately extending a travel ban by state employees to four more states: Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas. Travel is already banned to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The state officials passed a bill, AB 1887, to attack states it says have laws discriminating against LGBTs.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a communist sympathizer, stated, “Our country has made great strides in dismantling prejudicial laws that have deprived too many of our fellow Americans of their precious rights. Sadly, that is not the case in all parts of our nation, even in the 21st century.”

The unAmerican ACLU supports it. “Today, the ACLU is proud to stand with our partners and Attorney General Becerra, and do our part to make freedom and justice a reality for every American – regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression,” said Ashley Morris, Organizing Director, ACLU of Northern California.

If states don’t do as California says, they will shun them.

The left wears hypocrisy and fascism like a badge of honor.


  1. CA is the most corrupt state in the union. If you are not here THANK GOD ON YOUR KNEES, THANK GOD. It feels it is better than the other 49. Being here is like being a Jew in NAZI Poland you are deserted from your nation the USA, and You cant get out. Its no surprise the CA flag, which is like toilet paper, has a red star on it. Its leaders are as corrupt as Capone. So you all nailed it. I’m loyal to my nation the USA but CA will never have more than 1/55th. So God bless TN, KS, TX and the rest. Someday maybe CA can be militarily stratend out and broken down into 3 or 4 states. Again if you are not here THANK GOD ON YOUR VERY KNEES. CA IS A DISGRACE TO THE UNION AND EVERY GI WHO DIED FOR FREEDOM SINCE 1775.

    • You need to get a grip! California is a gorgeous state with beautiful parks and people. You are very angry and really need to look into why. I wish you the best on your journey. May you find peace.

        • Wow you need help. You’re not describing the California I have frequented. You need serious help. Please get some for your sake.

          • You’re only on this site to troll. Trolls are not allowed. If you have something meaningful to say, please do. If you’re just here to insult my readers you will be banned.

  2. That’s very good, calling this a travel ban.

    This guy Becerra is a skilled propagandist. He drives wedges.

  3. California’s economy ALONE is the 6th largest in the WORLD. Happened after the State turned blue and the Governator said his “Hasta la vista, baby”. During his time as the republican governor which at the start he vowed to cut up the state’s credit card yet by the end had been instrumental in tripling its outstanding debt. Schwarzenegger left his office with a record high deficit of 28 billion dollars. TODAY California has more regulations than any other state yet they don’t hurt the economy or businesses AT LL! PROTECTING the environment and people!! The state is BLUE AND THRIVING! So just keep doing the opposite of Trump is all they need to do and it’s what they ARE DOING! John you’re obviously angry due to the politics yet you get to live in state that’s soaring! GIVE UP the fake corrupt BS! REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS take big oil money not the one in California. You poor thing!

    • Jamie this GD hole is SUBORDINATE to the US and equal to the other 49. Not better. I live here but I hope to hell it secedes and I can see the US Destroy its economy. No I hve no loyalty to CA. BUT GOD BLESS THE USA. It is the whore of the US a socialist disgrace to decent people and the other states. Having a CA driver license is like being called a syphilitic child molester. God bless the USA but may CA rot in hell. And Becerrra is a piss ant s[edit]k.

  4. So, let’s see here, California I suspect wouldn’t last a New York minute if they seceded so to convince themselves that they’re in charge, they ban travel to Republican states. The bureaucrats in Commie California are about as bad as the corrupt Marxists in New York all of whom believe that they know better in spite of the fact that their social engineering policies are destroying both states.

      • Bull shit. Your taxed out the ass. The most expensive gas in the US. Your taxed with no representation. Your car insurance is jacked up because you have to pay for policies for illegals and indigents, Its the most expensive electricity in the US and getting worse. Its public utility commission is a bunch of rich fagots who make arbitrary decisions and are appointed. Its a fagot loving piece of horse dung with flies. And if it does secede. the CA Nasty Guard wont mean scheise. And I will be destroyed financially. Praise GOD.

      • Hundreds of millions in debt, illegal aliens gangs cutting off heads, taxes off the roof…wonderful

  5. GOP Wanna add one thing. If CA had not disgraced itself during VIetnam. Cheered for Jane Fonda aiding and abetting the NVA and if it had morals and family values it would not be hated. But its time and the day may come when it gets the shi_ kicked out of it by the Army. Broken down into the 3 or 4 states the land mass should have been and see Hollywood learn some RESPECT for its MONEY. CA Cant go on its top heavy in greed and its dragging down the greatest nation on Earth the USA.

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