Socialist Sanders Shows His True Colors



There are two issues in Bernie Sanders latest effort to win over blacks. One is his blatant deceit when presenting his case about the 1994 Crime Bill and the other is his contention that calling gangbangers names is evidence of systemic racial bias.

Bernie Sanders and his acolytes have been bashing Hillary and Bill over comments she made in 1996 which Bill recently defended. Her remarks at the time were not politically correct – she called gangbangers “super-predators”. The crime bill and tough sentencing slashed violence and murders.

Hillary is feeling the Bern as he tries to woo the black vote away from Hillary Clinton much as Barack Obama did in the 2008 campaign when he used the race card.

A little background from 1994 when the Clinton Crime Bill, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, was passed. The bill was intended to put gangbangers in prison but ended up putting some young blacks in prison for long stretches when they were only caught with small amounts of drugs. It also put many vicious gangbangers in prison who were seducing, literally raping and murdering, children and tearing whole communities apart.

The bill was supported by Al Sharpton at the time and had broad political support but too many youth were caught up in sweeps and there was a massive growth in the prison population.

It was a Democrat bill and Republicans largely voted against it on August 21, 1994 and you can see the roll call vote right here.

Vice President Biden, Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Chuck Schumer played very significant roles in making sure the Clinton Crime Bill became law.

Bernie Sanders is making mass incarceration a big part of his campaign but he voted for the 1994 Crime bill and many of the other tough on crime bills he is now denouncing.

He voted for the Ominibus Crime Bill of 1994, which decreased the minimum age for minors to be tried as adults.

He voted for the Minimum Sentences for Gun Crimes act that would have set a mandatory minimum of 10 years for crimes committed while in possession of a gun, 15 years for crimes committed while brandishing a gun, and 20 years for crimes committed while firing a gun. In the final version of the bill, the length of the sentences were cut in half.

Sanders, who claims the police look like an “occupying army”, voted against a bill that would have “demilitarized” the police. The Local Government Law Enforcement Block Grants Act of 1995, sponsored by Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Florida), called for establishing drug courts and prohibited local governments from purchasing tanks or armored personnel carriers.

He did vote against some measures and in 1994 he did speak against mass incarceration but he did it at the same time he was voting for it. He’s out blaming police for something he helped make happen and which they had to enforce.

Bernie Sanders has been tying the Crime Bill into Clinton’s Welfare Reform Act, framing it dishonestly as a Republican bill which according to him is based on a far-right concept that “beating up on the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country” – “helpless” people – as the way to get votes.

The Act, in truth, tried to bring welfare back to its roots as a hand up, not a hand out, and required able-bodied Americans to work.

It is the current administration’s policies which have put more people in poverty and on food stamps.

Bill Clinton recently defended his wife, the aspiring presidential candidate, for calling gangbangers “super-predators” more than twenty years ago. Because gangbangers are largely minorities, it’s not politically correct.

The Sanders crew has decided that super-predators means black people and she meant black people. It is, to the left, proof of systemic and institutionalized racism. His memory about who voted for it has faded apparently.

At a town hall event in Harlem Saturday night with leftists like Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte, Nina Turner (former Ohio State Senator), Erica Garner, Bernie Sanders harshly criticized Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “super-predators”. This is now said to be “racially-coded language.”

When Bill Clinton defended his wife recently as the loud and offensive hate group Black Lives Matter disrupted his campaign event, he said this:

“This is what’s the matter,” Mr. Clinton said. “I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other African-American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens—she didn’t. She didn’t! You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. Tell the truth!”

Are gangbangers “super-predators” and should we refrain from saying it if many are black and blacks are offended by it? If Bernie doesn’t believe it, why did he support it?

This is what she said decades ago:

Nina Turner repeated the Bernie line to Jake Tapper on Sunday.

The segment began with a video clip of Bernie Sanders saying, “I think that the president owes the American people an apology for trying to defend what is indefensible.”


TAPPER: That was Bernie Sanders yesterday going after Bill Clinton for defending Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “super-predator” back in the ‘90s to describe young gang members who were targets of the 1994 crime bill. With me now to discuss the panel. And Nina, you were up on stage there.

TURNER: I was.

TAPPER: You, Harry Belafonte and Bernie Sanders.

TURNER: Yes the three amigos.

TAPPER: As always, the three amigos hanging out the Apollo on Saturday night. Bernie did not — Senator Sanders, rather, did not take that shot at Bill Clinton in his interview with me Friday. What was different on Saturday in the Apollo when he did make that shot?

TURNER: He probably had more time to reflect on the deepness of it and the audience — we had lots of African-Americans in the audience at the Apollo were very upset about the comment, and not just about the comment but how the president — President Clinton defended the comment even after an apology went forward to the NAACP about that even after the secretary said she regretted it. And for the president to continue to defend that kind of language when it’s put toward African-Americans, it is offensive to our community. So that was difference


  1. I remember the crime bill, etc. very well. I also recall that it was gang bangers who themselves coined the phrase, “gang bangers.”

    On a personal note, my son got caught up in one of those damned sweeps one evening while walking through a friend’s block on his way home from night school.

    It cost me $12,000 to detangle the web woven by those looking to make an example. Only $12,000 because I worked for two attorneys who themselves had connections. Talk about aggravation. I often wonder about those parents who did not have $12,000 or $20,000 just as I wonder about all of those innocent young men and women who were caught up in the sweeps, of which there were many.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes, it’s bad and that horror still goes on. A friend of mine’s son was caught in a sweep in Nassau because plastic bottles he was selling online showed up in a drug den. They even perp-walked him and he was on the front cover of Newsday. For a year the DA would say nothing and she just kept paying the lawyers. It cost her $50,000 she had to borrow.

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