Socialist New York City Mayor Busy At Work Rewriting History


A man and a dog walk past Gracie Mansion in New York

The Sentinel is following New York City mayor Bill de Blasio because he is a leftist whose vision is shared by those who are attempting to spread it nationwide. De Blasio calls himself a Democratic Socialist but the label is euphemistic and not representative. They are all basically the same anyway.

De Blasio has begun to rewrite history and erase the past according to his ideology in small ways. He now defines our country as a diverse, multicultural hodgepodge of disunited elements and he’s making that clear in a makeover of the Governor’s mansion. He is diluting our American heritage and culture for a nondescript worldly one.

George Washington portraits were to be removed from Gracie Mansion, one of the oldest wooden structures in the city. They will now remain and share space with Frederick Douglass and former slave-turned-philanthropist Pierre Toussaint.

De Blasio decided on the incremental approach.

New additions which come from cultural institutions will take its place such as a bill of sale for a slave and an exhibit of the Gradual Emancipation Act of 1799.  Also on display will be a tomahawk given by English colonists to the chief warrior of the Iroquois in 1797.

De Blasio believes there are too many Founding Fathers on the wall. He’s focused on accentuating that part of our history which isn’t good.

City Hall has an extensive collection of portraits by renowned artists such as Charles Wesley Jarvis, John Trumbull and John Vanderlyn.

There are portraits of past presidents, former mayors, military heros and others who had a significant connection to New York City. About 49 pieces of treasured art reflecting our history will be removed and stored.

Art historians aren’t pleased with de Blasio. Even art history is politicized and bastardized by de Blasio.

The former VP of the design commission, Michelle Bogart, said de Blasio wants more art in the City Hall that reflects diversity. It currently reflects the historical leaders.

“You do not dismantle a major historical collection or remove it from the walls because it doesn’t appeal to your particular sense of taste or your particular idea of the city now!” fumed Michele Bogart, a former vice president of the Public Design Commission, which oversees the City Hall portrait collection.

“It’s an absolute disgrace to take the efforts of staff of the previous administration and basically spit on them,” she told the New York Post last week when the announcement was made.

The major portraits have just undergone restoration and not hanging them up is problematic and will make it difficult to store them safely.

City Councilman Charles Barron said in 2001 that he wanted to toss out the Thomas Jefferson portrait and replace it with a bust of Malcolm X, calling the third president “a pedophile” who had a sexual relationship with his young slave Sally Hemings.

Barron also said at the time that he would seek legislation to line City Hall’s walls with portraits of black and Hispanic leaders – and reportedly even gave the incoming speaker a hammer and nails so he could hang portraits of the “brothers and sisters.”

There is currently no talk of de Blasio going that far at this point.

Instead of history, he will reflect his leftist views however.

The launch of the new installations has a title, ‘Windows on the City: Looking Out at Gracie’s New York’, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The New York City experience has always been one of many peoples and many cultures. I’m delighted that this new installation will reflect our vibrant history – and remind us all that this city is always at its best when we make room for everyone,” de Blasio said in a statement.

History can be changed in many ways because people have subjective opinions and while many believe the information age has put incredible amounts of knowledge at our fingertips, we must also remember there is a great deal of disinformation. That is why a leftist with a negative view of our history and who sided with violent communists in Nicaragua and who sees our country as an open border nation without an identity should not be deciding how we view it.