Solis Wants Government to Control Everything Labor


This gets filed under WTH???!!! Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, who enjoys strong support from the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA, is a fierce Mexican Reconquista who has a new vision for America. She is chock full of ideas and all of them involve putting the government in control of everything.

Her latest frightening idea falls in line with one touted by the drug-addled OWS (occupiers of Wall Street), and it is to give people paychecks whether they are working or not. She wants to supplement low-paying jobs and at the same time pay employers who hire people for low-paying jobs.

Excuse me, but doesn’t this encourage low-paying jobs? It won’t promote hiring, it will merely provide subsidies for employers and low-wage employees at tax payer expense.The more people subsidized, the more people who will vote for the statist President in 2012.

Solis was in Denver yesterday promoting the absurd Obama jobs bill which even the Democrats won’t sign on to. She met with Hispanic leaders, telling them the government could encourage businesses to hire the unemployed by using unemployment benefits to subsidize their pay, with unemployment insurance covering their pay part of the week and employers picking up the cost the rest of the week.

She said unemployment benefits could be used to start new businesses. If the businesses fail, the entrepeneurs (failed entrepreneurs) could go back on unemployment. We live in the everyone gets a trophy generation and failure is not an option, because government will steal other peoples’ money to make sure it’s not.

This is the same philosophy that gave us ownership of Government Motors, AIG, and so on. It’s called Socialism or Communism folks. The government likes people who don’t work or who work low-paying jobs.

Is the government going to be in charge of everything???!!!