Solyndra Execs Will Take the Fifth


Brian Harrison, Solyndra CEO, said he would answer any questions the government might have about Solyndra, but asked for a delay. The delay has only been so he and his CFO, W. Stover, can take the Fifth. Maybe he thought he had a friend in the White House. Mubarek thought he had a friend in the White House also. Read here: Harrison and Stover taking the Fifth

We all want to know where our money went, but the stonewalling and scapegoating has begun.

Don’t forget the government knew that Solyndra was in trouble when they renegotiated the loan to put taxpayers behind investors. The government also knew when they had private investors put up $70 million to keep Solyndra afloat.

Solyndra received more taxpayer money than 35 states received in bailout.