Some Knockout Games Turn Out Quite Well – Justice!


sometimes we will get you back

Not all polar bears will take a punch to the head!

Knockout games have been taking place throughout the country. In Brooklyn, New York there has been a rash of them by African-American youth against Jewish residents.

via Greta Van Susteren, On the Record

The attacks are usually called polarbearing or polar bear hunting. Knockout games is sometimes used.

According to NBC NY, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said some of the attacks were being investigated as hate crimes.The suspects in the Brooklyn attacks have all been black teens, police said. The assaults aren’t robberies.

“A phrase that is used is ‘polarbearing,’ or ‘polar bear,'” Kelly said. “Knockout has also been used…We’ve seen this in the past but I would like to urge anyone who has been victimized by this to come forward,” he said.

Not all of the attacks turn out badly. In this video, the potential victim and her boyfriend end up beating the perpetrator. Gotta love it!

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