‘Someone Lives, Someone Dies’ Sebelius Is Proud of Her Accomplishments



Sebelius spoke of her leadership at HHS today as her replacement was presented to the press. Forget her poor management skills, she said she helped to fix a broken healthcare system and it’s the cause of her life – the most meaningful thing she’s done:

In the next video, Sebelius was questioned about the 10-year old in need of a lung transplant whom she refused to help. “Someone lives and someone dies,” she coldly declared. She was overruled and she didn’t appeal because of the bad press she would have received at a critical time. Sarah received new lungs and she is alive and doing well today.

If any of us are confronted with this problem, we might not be so lucky as to get a decision overruling our government, in fact, we most likely won’t. With the government in charge, our healthcare options will be severely limited. We will get help if the government says we can get help.