Soros, Brock, Deep-Pocketed Donors Help Fund Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Trump


In light of the new exposé about Lisa Bloom arranging payments of large sums of money for women Trump accusers, people need to remember who is behind some of these accusations — George Soros, David Brock and their backers.

The sixteen or seventeen Trump accusers all appear in a documentary soon-to-be-released which aims at destroying the President with an overwhelming show of accusers. They all appear to be Democrats and the documentary is being made by a hard-left filmmaker named Robert Greenwald whose fame has been founded on attacking the right-wing. Often his attacks are without truth and foundation. His company is in turn funded in part by George Soros.

In addition to funding accusers, Soros has indirectly funded subversive Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and the Ferguson riots.

Then there is the Brock War on Fox which Soros helps fund.

Whatever you think of Bill O’Reilly, there is no question George Soros and David Brock or the Soros-funded Media Matters were responsible for getting him canned. They were after him for years for calling them evil and exposing some of the leftist shenanigans.

Brock took credit for getting O’Reilly fired in an interview with the New York Times. Media Matters got Bolling fired and have gone after every right-winger on Fox, including Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld, Sean Hannity, and others.

Washington Free Beacon has exposed the actual plots by George Soros and his comrade David Brock. They have put in writing that they want a permanent Progressive majority, which is rather fascist. This information also came out in Wikileaks releases.

These operatives went after the Fox advertisers. Soros threatened to destroy Fox News period.

Billionaire George Soros is funding far-left organizations targeting companies that have been working with President Trump and prominent people he disagrees with. They are waging an unprecedented and vicious mass lobbying campaign.

George Soros uses his money to undermine our democracy.

The main Soros group engaged in the targeting is The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a New York-based nonprofit comprised of members from defunct organizations – ACORN and Make the Road New York. They have 19,000 members, primarily Latino immigrants [illegal aliens].

These groups partner with “name and shame” companies that they say are working with Trump to – they say – benefit from an “anti-immigrant [anti-illegal immigrant], anti-worker” platform, Time magazine first reported.

The campaign is known as “Corporate Backers of Hate,” and has been targeting nine companies: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, Disney, IBM, BlackRock, Uber, and Blackstone.


  1. We’re hearing all about Lisa Bloom trying to pay women to claim harassment by Trump. Too soon forgotten was what David Brock did in April, 2016. He literally put a price on Trump’s head offering up to SIX MILLION for any woman willing to make harassment claims AND promised to pay their legal fees.

    “Legal fees” … that can only mean one thing. Brock, and Soros by extension, put out a hit contract on Trump making these offerings for woman willing to lie, hence legal fees.

    As many of the groups Soros supports can, and should, be officially labeled terrorist organization, this would leave him fully vulnerable for charges brought against him. He should be arrested, charged with supporting terrorism, inciting riots during which there have been many millions in property damages AND DEATHS.

    Or just gift wrap him and send him to Putin who put out an international warrant for his arrest some months ago.

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