Soros Candidate Doug Jones Won’t Reassure Voters They Can Keep Their Guns


Democrat Doug Jones was asked in an interview with Politico if he would assure voters he won’t take their guns away. He wouldn’t answer the question.

Politico was comparing Roy Moore voters with Jones voters and segued into the Second Amendment.

In addressing the difficulty of overcoming Moore’s appeal to pro-gun voters, Politico asked, “How can you reassure [Moore] supporters that you are not out to take away their religious freedom or their guns, their culture?”

Jones ignored the question and jumped to the issue of “culture”.

“I don’t know if I can. I think actions have to speak louder than words, so once I get elected I can try to do it. But look, when you talk about their Christian beliefs and stuff, that’s one thing, but when you talk about their culture, I’m not sure what you mean by that. If culture means that you have to put down people, if your culture means that you would discriminate against somebody, that you would not treat anybody in the same way that Christ would do, then I’m not going to protect that.”

“I’m not going to protect discrimination of any sort, in any way, whether it’s race, religion, sex orientation or whatever. So I’m not going to protect that culture if that’s what their culture is.”

“What I’m hoping to see is that if they are truly religious and they are truly Christian in the same way that I am, that my faith is, well, we take care of everybody. I’ve always believed the culture of the South, the heritage of the South, is of people treating people like friends, of neighbors helping neighbors. You know, when a tornado comes through Tuscaloosa or Hackleburg, or you have a hurricane comes up the Gulf Coast, we don’t start running around asking people who they are or who their fathers are.”

He didn’t answer the question. Very telling!

The man has already talked about expanded background checks and limiting sales at gun shows. The future Schumer puppet believes the Second Amendment has “limitations”.

The Schumer-Pelosi Progressive is also as extreme on abortion as anyone can be. He believes in killing babies to the moment of birth. After that, he laughably says he’s pro-life. One can imagine him being easily persuaded to kill them after birth if the babies don’t meet leftist requirements. Let’s not forget the Emanuel complete lives system.

This man is funded by Soros groups. His plan to to “create a new south” according to the Boston Globe. Of course he’s against guns.


  1. The “new south” envisioned by Communist, Doug Jones is similar to the “fundamentally transformed United States” as envisioned by the Muslim, Barack Obama. Both belong on the trash heap of American politicians!

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