Soros Ally John Podesta Explains Hillary’s Plan for America in Four Words



The four words you didn’t want to hear if Hillary wins in November is that she will expand the welfare state. John Podesta admitted it will begin under the guise of expanding Social Security at the expense of the rich, a program that is fast becoming something it was never meant to be – an entitlement.

Since the powers-that-be added SSI to Social Security (SS), it can be called a freebie though most people on SS have paid into it all their working lives.

Hillary wants to add more welfare to it – starting with women who didn’t participate in the program. It’s a get out the vote ploy but it’s also a clear and present danger to our Capitalist system. Hillary, who is funded by George Soros, is a clear and present danger to anything but crony Capitalism.

The attack on the rich is an obvious attack on Capitalism. The super rich will still be super rich – they will be partners of the government elites who will rule us. This far-left agenda of the Democrat party is meant to enlarge the welfare state and destroy Capitalism while promoting crony Capitalism.

Hillary Clinton’s far-left spokesperson and George Soros minion, John Podesta, admitted it Sunday in so many words during an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

Hillary, who will be a partner of George Soros’s once elected. Social Security, which is already facing bankruptcy, will be expanded at the expense of the wealthy but Podesta didn’t explain what will happen when we run out of their money.

What Podesta is really talking about is going after small business.

He – Hillary – are going to give Social Security to people who didn’t earn it. They will give it to women who didn’t work and claim it’s discrimination not to. They never run out of reasons for their Marxist policies.

They will also tax investments, discouraging them, which is no small matter.

STEPHANOPOULOS: “How about this issue of Social Security benefits? That does seem to be a clear difference now between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders?”

PODESTA: “Well, I’ll tell you where the difference is. You know, Hillary said we need to strengthen and expand Social Security benefits. And she said there’s different ways to fund that, one is —“ [Crosstalk]

STEPHANOPOULOS: “But hasn’t come forward with —“

PODESTA: “One is to raise the cap on earned — on wage income. The other is to go after taxing investment income. Either way, the wealthy are going to pay to expand Social Security.

Those are two different ways. She said, you know, she’s open to either one of them. But there is a difference on — when it comes to Social Security. What she said is that she wants to concentrate the work to get rid of the gender discrimination in Social Security. Social Security program was created in the 1930s, when women weren’t in the workforce in — and they’re discriminated against when their spouse dies. They’re discriminated against because when they’re taking time to be caregivers, they’re not credited with any benefit. And that’s, I think, one of the things that she’s really pointed to; he hasn’t said a word about that.”


Hillary’s advisor John Podesta is a dangerous collectivist who has plans for one world government by his own admission and who has guided Barack Obama’s pen and phone abuse of constitutional powers.

Soros, Obama, Hillary, Podesta are all the same people and they are all Marxists.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your commentary, but am perplexed that very few others reported on this. Btw, taxing investment income may start with the rich, however, it will not end there. There are not enough rich people to tax. With one foot in the door, Hillary and the rest of the confiscatory leeches in the Democrat party will be coming after everyone’s IRA and 401(k) plans.

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