Soros Launches His DC Revolution to Incrementally Overthrow Our Government


democracy spring

George Soros has planned socialist and communist events under the guise of protests and no one will stop him, arrest him, or even put his name in a headline of a newspaper. He planned the riots/protests in DC that we saw yesterday as part of his Democracy Spring. They are clever in that they organize these revolutionary events as peaceful – for now. They get themselves arrested allegedly to protect our rights while trying to destroy them.

Almost all of these groups are funded by the socialist/communist George Soros.

They dress up as American revolutionaries and wave US flags to conceal their true purpose. Their goals always sound reasonable but they are barely surface and it doesn’t take much investigation to find out what they really are.

These people are attacking every pillar of society. They are anti-police, anti-constitution and anti-American.

There were only about 500 of these protesters but their goal is to start a revolution and they are more powerful than you think. Look at what they do at Trump rallies with the blame going only to Trump.

This is a week-long event and more will gather as the week goes on.

Soros’s groups joined with the NAACP this week to cause mass disruptions, mass arrests and civil disruptions as Breitbart put it. It’s Occupy Wall Street on speed with black people. When I observed the Occupy riots/protests, I was continually told by the participants that their riots were too white – they were actually hiring poor, black drunks to hold signs. They now have their black people.

Occupy was a communist/socialist movement also funded by Soros.

Like Occupy and the other riots/protests we’ve seen, they are peaceful and wait to be arrested with maximum media coverage.

Occupy youth – useful idiots – were trained by communist teachers. I know because I saw them and heard them. The chanting is part of the collectivism they are trained to love.

One thing that unnerved me at Occupy Wall Street was the fact that this is tied into worldwide communist and socialist movements and they keep abreast of our progress here.

The reason these peaceful protests can be called riots is because they are revolutionaries who seek to overthrow our Capitalist government and they are being assisted by the man in the White House and his friend George Soros.

George Soros is funding Hillary’s campaign and his ally and the president of The Center for American Progress, John Pedesta, is running Hillary’s campaign.

At least 400 people have been arrested in Washington, DC after the Democracy Spring march and sit-in at the US Capitol building. The Democracy Spring movement is calling on Congress to take immediate action on four key solutions, all of which aim to reduce the influence of money in politics, expand and protect voting rights, and ensure all Americans have an equal voice in the US government. The group is also demanding that the Senate fulfill its constitutional duties with regard to the Supreme Court., Russia Today reported.

Fairer elections means elections online, eliminating the electoral college, voting without ID, voting with no deadline for registration and the list goes on and it means illegal aliens vote. I don’t need to tell you what that actually means for our vote.

We have an invasion of refugees and illegal aliens, not immigration. There is nothing bigoted about resisting yet people believe it is. This is a nonviolent revolution which is so far beyond Socialism that we will lose it all.

I don’t care if the GOP puts Mickey Mouse up, I’m voting for him because these people will take away our Bill of Rights and our wealth. I don’t care if the candidate isn’t good looking or doesn’t have thrilling personality or is brash. We are fighting against forces that are trying to destroy all that is traditional America. This is a revolution and whether it’s Hillary or Bernie, it will be a third, far more revolutionary term of Barack Obama.

Half the country wants a statist country. They want Daddy government and freebies paid for by the working man. Their ideology is based on hate but they will call the right, haters.

Do you know how the media covered this event?

NPR described it as “cheery and peaceful”. Just another “demonstration in favor of changing the rules on political money, voting rights and redistricting.”

CNN said “More than 400 protesters staging a sit-in against the influence of money in politics and congressional inaction to reverse it were arrested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Monday, the first day of what is expected to be a week-long series of demonstrations.” They mentioned Adam Green, the PCCC’s Treasurer and Grifter-in-Chief, and said he was a liberal. Even he describes himself on his blog as and “extreme liberal” or Progressive.

NBC has a video online showing peaceful youth being arrested and explains that they were there to “protest corruption in government.”

ABC News is covering it as a local event and it was portrayed as a “democracy” event.

Many in the media just don’t cover it at all but the one thing they all have in common is they don’t mention the protesters are communists and socialists. That includes Fox News. They call them liberals but there is nothing liberal about them.

The campaign finance they are talking about is free speech for corporations. I don’t like money in campaigns either but look at the money Bernie and Hillary have? This isn’t about getting rid of that. It’s about eliminating free speech for powerful corporations but not leftist unions.

Corporations have full and complete First Amendment rights. it is a canard to say corporations aren’t people and don’t have rights.

The media demonized Ted Cruz when he spoke out against this but he is right. These people want to shut down free speech.

Cruz was mocked for the speech below because he talked about corporations’ free speech. He mentioned many of the leftist organizations that could be shut down but the left could laugh at that because they know once in complete control, they will only shut down the right.

left-DSC01053 left-DSC01079-blue-cop-640x480 left-DSC01145 left1

This is the deceitful press they want.


  1. So where are the Tea Parties, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Grassroots counteracting with our rallies? Are we going to allow them to win and destroy our country, our lives, our childrens’ future? The entire Congress and Senate are in with Obama. A vote for an establishment is a vote for a traitor. The establishment is in bed with Soros, Obama, Podesta. Nothing will change. We need to bring our issues to the low information voters. The tables have turned. They are in the streets instead of us.

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