Soros Pays Nasty Trolls to Attack Innocent Cartoonist et al Who Simply Disagree


George Soros is paying for trolls to bully political opponents, including Dilbert who they view as an enemy, according to the latest batch of Podesta Files 16.


The reason the left is after Scott Adams, the cartoonist who draws the Dilbert cartoon, is because he is supporting Donald Trump and has said so.

This is who they targeted as an enemy.


Many of the trolls come from the David Brock – Media Matters – Super PAC.

I found a link on Twitter to an FEC link that lists David Brock’s paid trolls. Brock is the sleaze who runs the Super PAC, Correct the Record. This PAC shuts down pro-Trump and pro-Sanders Facebook pages by posting a million dollars worth of porn and, at times, pedophilia, to their pages. As soon as they do that, some type of logarithm goes out and thousands of trolls flag the page.

The media likes to paint Trump as the basest of candidates but Hillary is the one who will stoop to any level.

Listen to this sleazy troll. What did the CAP president Neera Tanden call him, ” an unhinged soulless narcissist.” Yet, she will hire him. What does that make her?

Read a good article about Soros trolls on this link.