Speaker Ryan Suggests “Malfeasance”, “Civil Rights Violations” at FBI


Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters on Tuesday that there “may have been malfeasance at the FBI by certain individuals”. He added that it is their responsibility “to conduct transparent oversight and get to the bottom” of possible abuses.

Ryan is in favor of the public release of the FISA abuse memo, but said he is telling House GOP that there needs to be separation between the allegations in the memo and the special counsel investigation run by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The Speaker talked of a “cleansing” at the FBI which has the left quite upset. They don’t like that word and suddenly love the law enforcement agency. Ryan made clear this has nothing to do with the FBI per se, but with a handful of people at the top. Despite that, the left is portraying him as demonizing the FBI.


“There is a legitimate issue here as to whether or not American civil liberties were violated by the FISA process,” Ryan said, referring to the secret court

Ryan is referring to former Trump adviser Carter Page’s “civil rights”. The FISA warrant was obtained with an unverified dossier, and used to spy on him during the election campaign.

As far as Rosenstein is concerned, Ryan suggested he was merely following the policies of predecessors. Ryan praised the Deputy Attorney General and said he is “doing a fine job.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz thinks it would be “classic Trump” to release the memo during the State of the Union. Gaetz would like to see it.

The problem with that is it would take from the year in review and possibly set up the FBI unfairly. What do you think?


  1. It’s all double talk. Ryan as usual leads from behind. The real heroes are Gaetz, Jordan, DeSantis, Meadows, people with actual courage and honesty. Ryan merely responds to polls and elites. Ryan is fully behind the Mueller investigation because he is anti-Trump. Ryan also supports Rosenstein. Therefore, Ryan supports the conspirators, until they are caught. The violation of laws in the FISA court has already been established, as in the 99 page memo released in which a FISA judge says so. It’s been known for many months that laws were violated in surveillance requests. Ryan is not capable of getting things right. He was, of course, informed Trump was beign spied on before the election, as required by law. He may be a conspirator, since he did not provide proper oversight of the warrant.

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