Special Counsel Mueller Filed the First Charges in Russia Probe, Arrests Come Monday


Interesting timing! This announcement of charges being filed in the Russia probe comes on top of major exposés these past two weeks of accusations of lawless behavior by the prior adminsitration.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced the first charges have been filed in his investigation. We don’t know who yet. That should leak out by Monday.

With the conflicts of interest this counsel has, one must wonder why he is still in the role. He should arrest himself, Hillary Clinton and a few others.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

Which Trump campaign worker will be perp-walked? Manafort? Flynn? Carter Page? Paul Manafort is sketchy.

Maybe they will indict Manafort for his work with Hillary Clinton. That would be a great twist!

Mueller’s team is loaded with Hillary donors and supporters and he has been compromised in the Uranium One scandal.


  1. I guess we now need a special counsel to investigate this special counsel.

    Or maybe the Justice Department and the FBI should just do their job.

    I can just see everybody charging and arresting each other.

    That would be fantastic comedy. And past due!

  2. If the mystery FBI witness testified to congress before Mueller announced an indictment it would look like Mueller was retaliating against that testimony. So Mueller plays the hand he’s carrying.

    Now, by going first, regardless of the testimony from the FBI witness, any negative outcome therein would look like retaliation against him for indictments announced prior to the testimony.

    What a slick “politician”

  3. Under the circumstances I would assume Manafort is the subject, considering how they raided his home in a drug-kingpin style raid.

    I would like to hear from a reputable attorney, and not one of those TV lawyers that are splattered across the cable news networks. When it comes to the Supreme Court they are definitely concerned with “procedures”. They do not sympathize when procedural law isn’t followed. Enter Rosenstein and his apparent lack in following the specific procedures laid out in the Special Counsel legislation. Remember, Mueller and associates lost in a Supreme Court case for these very circumstances. Under these circumstances is it possible that a motion for the defense to dismiss be entered because the investigation itself was not created according to statute. These are the types of questions that result in unanimous Supreme Court decisions. The Court also does not like overly broad directives as Rosenstein’s order created. A recent case was overturned for such reason.

    Mueller and his associates have a sordid history in the prosecution of cases in the past. It looks more and more like they are pursuing the same tactics here as they had done in the past. They were highly criticized for those past actions.

  4. What happened to our government? It seems that TRUMP is the only person in Washington really trying to right a sinking ship. All others are covering each other’s asses!

  5. This was a setup from the start. Mueller is reacting to the heat. He would have waited longer if he could have. Congress now makes noise on investigating Mueller, they are even slower than Mueller. Sessions is doing nothing, he is not a factor. I think he will quit before acting against the deep state and will give some silly excuse for resigning.

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