I Will Not Reduce Our Deficit By Sacrificing Foundation of America


If you have any doubt as to where President Obama stands on deficit spending, here are some quotes from CNS News that make his views clear. He believes strongly in spending as a solution to our deficit and debt problems. That will help enterprise. After three years of experimentation, he was not slacked on this belief

“Let me tell you something,” Obama said to applause from the crowd at Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco on Apr. 20. “I will not reduce our deficit by sacrificing the things that have always made America great. The things that have made Americans prosper.”

“The America we know is great not because of our skyscrapers or the size of our GDP. It’s because we’ve been able to keep two ideas together at the same time,” Obama said. “The first idea is that we are all individuals endowed with certain inalienable rights and liberties; that we are self-reliant; we are entrepreneurs. We don’t expect others to do for us what we can do for ourselves, and we don’t really like people telling us what to do.”
He added that “the second idea” is just as important as the first idea. That second idea is “that we’re all in this together; that we look out for one another; that I am my brother’s keeper; that I am my sister’s keeper.” Read more here:let\'s keep spending