Spitzer’s Madam Will Run Against Him for NYC Comptroller


kirstin davis

Photo of Kristin Davis, ex-Madam running for NYC Comptroller

Kristin Davis, who claims she supplied Eliot Sptizer with hookers, is going to run against him for New York City Comptroller. She spent a year in Rikers prison for promoting prostitution, but that should give her a head start on the rest of the crooks running for office.

She is looking forward to running against him. In fact she’s been waiting for her opportunity. Because of the prostitution scandal involving Spitzer, she went to jail and came out penniless but Spitzer got off scott free.

“This is going to be the funnest campaign ever…I’ve been waiting for my day to face him for five years,” she told the New York Daily News.

She said she spent 10 years as senior vice president “of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and that gives her the experience for the job. She has set up a website and is out collecting signatures. She ran for governor two years ago and was able to collect the requisite number of signatures.

She is a Libertarian and wants to legalize pot.

Hey, if Sptizer and Weiner can run, she can run. At least she’s honest. They’re making a mockery of our system.

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