SPOX Revealed Obama’s Revenge Motive for Denying Anti-Terrorism Funds


Earnest smirking

This is what you can expect from an authoritarian, Imperial president who gets away with ignoring our rule of law.

The government we now have in power is revengeful and if it means holding back funds to fight terrorism in order to get unanimous approval on their every agenda item, they will do it. This is not freedom and we do not have a working Republic right now.

Josh Earnest said New York has ample funding to combat terrorism in a press conference Wednesday but how he answered one question in particular was very revealing, especially since he smirked while saying it.

He finished up by saying, “At some point, Senator Schumer’s credibility when talking about national security issues, particularly when the facts are as they are when it relates to Homeland Security, have to be affected by the position he’s taken on other issues. Senator Schumer is somebody who came out and opposed the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

After stating that most of his Democrat colleagues disagreed with him – what choice did they have – he said, “When people look at the facts when it comes to funding homeland security, they’ll recognize that he’s wrong this time too.”

The revenge motive – the payback – is clear and these people don’t care who they hurt. New York hasn’t spent the money in the account but the point is the statement and the revenge motive which he made clear.

Go to about 02:30:

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton called the cuts “unconscionable” and “indefensible”. The administration is proposing $330 million for urban security funding in the next fiscal year, a drop from $600 million in the current year!


  1. And Senator Hatch wants a clear path set for Obama’s SCOTUS choice without even admitting that any choice is bad.

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