Stanford Agitators Threaten Careers of Students Who Try to Bring These Courses Back



All hell broke loose when students tried to bring Western Civilization courses back into the syllabus at Stanford, according to a student who spoke with Stuart Varney on Fox Business. The students became enraged and find it offensive to study Western Civilization and the foundations of our liberty.

The students who tried to introduce the courses were called colonialists, ethno-centrists, and words that couldn’t be said on TV. The agitators on campus threatened to ruin the careers of anyone who signed the petition to bring the courses back.

The courses haven’t been offered for thirty years.

Under the history syllabus, these are some of Stanford’s current offerings:

  • Trans History: The Long View, a mini-course that explores the history of gender crossing and transgressions;
  • Gendered Innovations in Science, Medicine, Engineering, and Environment and how transforming research can help men and women flourish and explores sex and gender analysis enhancing creativity;
  • Africa in the Twentieth Century, The challenges facing Africans from when the continent fell under colonial rule until independence; Film and History of Latin American Revolutions and Counterrevolutions;
  • Refugees of Palestine and Syria: History, Identity, and Politics of Exile in the Middle East;
  • Early Chinese Thought;
  • Communism and Revolution in China;
  • Japan in the Age of the Samurai.

But Western Civilization can’t be offered?

The following is a syllabus for a Western Civilization course offered at another university:

This course introduces western civilization from pre-history to the early modern era. Topics include ancient Greece, Rome, and Christian institutions of the Middle Ages and the emergence of national monarchies in western Europe. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze significant political, socioeconomic, and cultural developments in early western civilization.

It’s likely the “Christian” influence they hate.


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