Startling: Every Government Agency Is Aggressively Pushing Obama’s Agenda


Our government agencies have been completely politicized – every one of them. They are all working to move a leftist agenda FORWARD. Recent developments alone show the intensity of the effort from an unholy and illogical alliance between the EPA and the USDA to Fish & Wildlife seizing control over private lands.

Just look at the news releases.

The Department of Labor is on a bus tour to raise the minimum wage according to their newsletter:

They laud the president’s wasteful budget: “The president’s budget sets forth concrete, practical investments and proposals to achieve his vision by growing the economy, strengthening the middle-class, and empowering all those hoping to join the ranks of the middle-class,” Perez said in his opening remarks. “It is an agenda of opportunity, action, and optimism.

They are promoting paid leave by private companies and raising the minimum wage while taking up the cause of underpaid women.

Tom Perez, the agenda-driven director, joins tours runs by leftists like Americans United for Change (ACORN), on behalf of illegal immigrants who are “struggling to put food on the table and buy medicine.”

Perez joined the Coalition for Latin-American Migrants and Immigrants meetings with their 30 leftists community-based organizations to assist illegal immigrants improve the quality of supportive services. It will help the Latino immigrant community according to the news release, but, make no mistake, this is also about illegal immigrants.

The Wage and Hour Division in California is targeting farm workers to raise their level of awareness.

Perez signed a joint declaration with Mexican Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare  Jesús Alfonso Navarrete Prida to help inform Mexican workers, most of whom will be our illegal immigrants, about their labor rights. Under the guise of a treaty, it will go far beyond what we should be doing.

Where are the outreaches to citizens? They are far fewer in number and usually involve disputes that further the agenda. Certainly any wage and hour dispute or any complaint against corporations, especially mines, is met with a lawsuit.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency announced a joint initiative to improve access to clean water and wastewater infrastructure for U.S. communities along the Mexico border. This is all part of the government’s plan to seize control over all water bodies in the United States from ditches to seas. Read more herehere and here and here.

They have begun funding of a needs assessment for water and wastewater infrastructure in the border region “to increase the sustainability of rural drinking water and wastewater systems.”

It will be expensive and it will drastically change the land rights of private property owners.

The government owns large swaths of land and hopes to control the rest.

land owned by feds

Land owned by the federal government in red

It’s also a PR system for the president. They wrote this:

“President Obama’s plan for rural America has brought about historic investment and resulted in stronger rural communities. Under the President’s leadership, these investments in housing, community facilities, businesses and infrastructure have empowered rural America to continue leading the way – strengthening America’s economy, small towns and rural communities. USDA’s investments in rural communities support the rural way of life that stands as the backbone of our American values.”

At the same time, this oh-so-“concerned” EPA has been testing the impact of pollutants on human subjects without always telling them about the risks of heavy exposure — risks that include cancer, and even death.

A recently released EPA inspector general report urged the agency to overhaul its guidelines to make sure test subjects understand all the risks before signing up.

“[E]vidence suggests that at least some human study subjects would like to know if a study involves risk of death, even if the risk is very small,” the report said.

The EPA exposed people to harmful pollutants without telling them about the risks to complete a study!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife, famous for armed raids on non-union guitar shops, is trying to seize full control over millions of acres of private land by labeling a couple chickens “threatened”or endangered.

Three states – Kansas, Oklahoma and North Dakota – have filed suit against the agency for declaring the lesser prairie-chicken “threatened.” This was the result of “sue and settle” lawsuits and will be used to put irrational controls over the land of private citizens – all over a chicken that is hardly threatened.

prairie chicken

Prairie Chicken

The suit says the US Fish and Wildlife Service violated their obligation to make the listing decision “solely on the basis of the best scientific and commercial data available” and failed to adhere do the agency’s own regulations and guidelines during the decision process.

If you don’t know about the massive land grab, check it out on this link.

The Pentagon, for their part, plans to ban cigarette sales on ships and bases as if they were the nanny and the soldiers were their children. It’s part of the government’s agenda now that they are paying for everyone’s every health requests with our tax dollars.

The Pentagon is seeking and hiring Muslims as chaplains from the Muslim Brotherhood. They are on the other hand, at war with the Christian God.

One ray of light, the Pentagon recently stopped using the communist front group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as their consultants over who to classify as terrorists. This is after years of them listing Evangelicals, Catholics and Orthodox Jews as terrorists alongside vicious al Qaeda groups.

Last month the Department of Justice reached a $1.2 billion financial penalty for questionable complaints about floor mats and unproven acceleration and sticking gas pedal problems. In 2011, the Department of  Transportation re­leased the results of its study into the blizzard of reports that various Toyota and Lexus models were accelerating out of control. The DOT concluded that, other than a number of incidents caused by accelerators hanging up on incorrectly fitted floor mats, the accidents were caused by drivers depressing their accelerators when they intended to apply their brakes. “Pedal misapplication” was the DOT’s delicate terminology  for this phenomenon.

The problem were the floor mats which drivers should have some responsibility for.

They didn’t get them on the cases themselves so the charge is that TOYOTA defrauded consumers in the fall of 2009 and early 2010 by issuing misleading statements about safety issues in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Meanwhile, Government Motors has been allegedly “keeping secret” serious problems with millions of their cars since 2002. Let’s see how Justice handles this UAW company we bailed out. GM claims to have paid us back but we lost money on the sale of stock and the $13 billion in escrow is unaccounted for.

We humiliated the Japanese with little proof probably because they build cars in right-to-work states.

The Department of Health and Human Services of course is pushing the ObamaCare agenda at the expense of religious freedom and the rights of private companies.

Need we even mention what is going on at the IRS?

Check the news releases of these agencies and you will find that they are political arms of the Obama administration instead of the somewhat independent citizen-focused agencies they were meant to be. The agencies are legislating and their rules are laws. That’s unconstitutional.

h/t Herbert Richmond