Staunch Anti-Immigration Book Hits #2 on New York Times Best Seller List


Adios America

Ann Coulter’s book, Adios America, The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole, has turned up as #2 on the New York Times best seller list for hardcover books. The book is extensively researched and considered radically anti-illegal immigration. It also makes the case for reduced legal immigration.

Ms. Coulter was recently interviewed extensively to discuss the substance of her book.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, she went over some of the claims in her book.

The immigration we see today “is the direct result of government policy,” she said. It is “not natural immigration”.

The government is hiding the information. For instance, they don’t count illegal immigrants in prison. They don’t count naturalized citizens.

People who are trying to get into the country legally are being discriminated against under our current policy.

She said we need an immigration moratorium to cut these immigration groups down. The immigration judges running this don’t like America and we’re getting immigrants into this country who don’t like us.

The sheer number of immigrants and the criteria we use to select them — which prioritizes family reunification, refugees, and even a lottery over highly skilled immigrants– ensures that the legal immigrant population creates almost as many social problems as the surging illegal alien cohort.

On The O’Reilly Factor, she dealt with the misuse of polls.

Coulter was on Univision with Jorge Ramos. She asked Ramos a question. “We have taken in one quarter of the entire Mexican population. At what point will we have taken in enough, in your view?”

He didn’t answer.

Later in the interview, she said you can’t call it diversity when most immigrants are coming from Mexico.