Stephanie Cutter Jumps the Shark in Bret Baier Interview


Someone needs to tell Stephanie Cutter that Mitt Romney is running for the presidency and needs to address the issue of Benghazi. If he didn’t address it, it would be political malfeasance.

Stephanie Cutter believes mentioning it is the same as politicizing it. She even went so far as to blame the Benghazi backlash on Romney and Ryan.

Four people died in Benghazi who didn’t need to die!!! The security personnel begged for more help and they were denied, not because of money, but because Charlene Lamb, who had never been to Benghazi, felt they had enough help.

Anyone notice how affected Cutter is. For someone with little substance and accuracy, she needs to tone down the affectation.

Listen to the video and decide for yourself if she is effective: