Stephen Hayes – The President Pretends We Are on the Same Side as the Iranian Regime


Stephen Hayes

General Petraeus interviewed with The Washington Post last week and alerted Americans to the danger of Iran’s appearance of expansion. They are not our allies, he warned.

“I would argue the foremost threat to Iraq’s long-term stability and the broader regional equilibrium is not the Islamic State,” Petraeus said, “rather it is the Shiite militias, many backed by, and some guided by Iran. Neither the Iranians nor Daesh are 10 feet tall, but the perception in the region for the past few years has been that of the U.S. on the wane, and our adversaries are on the rise. I hope we can begin to reverse that now.”

Finally, Petraeus said, “The current Iranian regime is not our ally in the Middle East. It is ultimately part of the problem, not the solution. The more the Iranians are seen to be dominating the region, the more it is going to inflame Sunni radicalism and fuel the rise of groups like the Islamic State.”

That interview was posted the same day Obama claimed some Americans and Israelis oppose a diplomatic solution.

He indicated the two countries are separated by mistrust and fear, ignoring all the Iranian terrorism.

Stephen Hayes said, “Separated by mistrust and fear…the president makes that comment as if there’s not a reason for that separation. The reason is for the past three years, the Iranians have been targeting Americans, they’ve been trying to assassinate our diplomats, they’ve been killing our soldiers in Afghanistan, they’ve been lying and cheating on the nuclear program, just in 2009, we’ve caught them building a nuclear facility…it’s just another example of the president choosing to set that aside and pretend that we are on the same side as the Iranian regime…it’s a dangerous development.”

Obama has us living in an alternative universe. It’s absolutely absurd to pretend they are our allies.