Stephen Paddock Mystery Deepens, Described as Having a Vanilla Profile


The motive for Stephen Paddock’s slaying of innocent concertgoers continues to evade authorities. A significant change to the timeline and comments by Steve Wynn have only added to the mystery.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre by Stephen Paddock and authorities doubt it’s accurate but haven’t ruled it out.

Michael S. Smith II, a well-respected terrorism and intelligence analyst who advises government officials, told Newsweek there is a “terrifying reason” ISIS won’t yet prove Paddock was a jihadist:

If Islamic State did indeed cultivate [shooter Stephen] Paddock, as it has claimed was the case, the group surely has some evidence of its engagements with him. If it does, it may be the case the group is waiting on FBI and other agencies to dismiss its claim of responsibility for the Las Vegas attack before posting contradictory evidence online for the world to see.

[The] Islamic State has been very focused on undermining confidence among civilians in the West that their technologically-superior governments are competent managers of our collective security.

Surely others have considered this as ISIS strives to maintain relevancy. They could use this as a way to undermine intelligence agencies and bolster their own appeal.

Meanwhile the new timeline is out and it shows a time lag of 6 minutes between the shooting of the Mandalay guard Jesus Campos and the Paddock attack.

Mr. Campos said he called into hotel security as soon as he was shot through Paddock’s door while responding to an alarm on the 32nd floor. We are guessing the alarm could have been set off by Paddock breaking the windows in his room.Campos was unarmed and couldn’t engage the killer.

Those precious six minutes resulted in the death of 58 people and the wounding of another 489.

No one intervened. Officers didn’t arrive until 10:17 and broke into Paddock’s room at 11:20.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s updated timeline:

  • 9:59 p.m.: Campos approaches the suspect’s room after being notified that an open door alarm had been tripped on the same floor. Campos is shot in the leg and injured. He notifies hotel security, according to Lombardo. (This new information contradicts initial reports, which suggested that Campos approached Paddock’s room during the shooting, prompting him to cease firing on the crowd.)
  • 10:05 p.m.: Paddock begins firing bullets at the crowd.
  • 10:12 p.m.: Two officers arrive on the floor below Paddock and determine that gunfire is coming from above.
  • 10:15 p.m.: Paddock stops firing on the crowd.
  • 10:17 p.m.: Two officers arrive on the 32nd floor after leaving the 31st.
  • 10:18 p.m.: Campos, who was shot nearly 20 minutes prior, tells law enforcement that he has been shot and provides them with the location of Paddock’s room.
  • 10:26-10:30 p.m.: Eight more officers arrive on the scene and clear the entire 32nd floor.
  • 10:55 p.m.: Officers approach Paddock’s room.
  • 11:20 p.m.: Paddock’s door is stormed and law enforcement enters, only to find the suspect dead.
  • 11:27 p.m.: Officers breach a second room in Paddock’s suite, but discover that it is vacant.

The FBI originally reported Paddock’s check-in date as September 28th which has since been changed to September 25th. They also gave out the wrong license number of Paddock’s van. This discrepancy was uncovered by independent journalist Laura Loomer.

Steve Wynn said Paddock and his girlfriend had a vanilla profile.

Paddock and his girlfriend paid promptly, were modest gamblers, and were never seen with a drink according to Steve Wynn. Wynn also said no one would get on the freight elevator but authorities say Paddock did.

Law enforcement sources told CBS News that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is believed to have used the freight elevator at the Mandalay Bay hotel casino in the days leading up to last week’s deadly attack.

It wasn’t clear what Paddock used the freight elevator for or how often he used it, CBS reported.

Authorities have been scrutinizing Paddock’s assets, looking for possible criminal or terrorist links. They are also completing a psych profile on the killer.


  1. I do not know what to think of that anymore…

    It is strange the FBI is behaving as if they had no clue at all…it is kind of hard to believe they know nothing…they have his cell phone bills, his credit card bills, they have to know a lot about him, where he went, when, who he talked to, how he made his money etc etc

    maybe Paddock did work for the CIA or FBI but went ” postal” went ” rogue” and the FBI is so ashamed they did not prevent this that they are doing everything to hide as much as they can about Paddock?

    At this point this is not any more silly than Paddock being with ISIS…

  2. There are some theories (conspiracy) that says there is proof of multiple shooters because of “sounds”. First of all, the shooter used two windows to fire out of and those windows are about 60 degrees from each other. The sounds from rifle fire is directional. It should be obvious to everyone that sound frequency depends on a relative position. If a person is on a road and a car is coming to you the sound is a higher frequency than when it passes and moves away from you. It is a similar principle with rifle fire. The sound when in your general direction is far different than at a 60 degree angle away especially in light of significant distance. It’s quite surprising to hear combat military people overlook the obvious.

    There is another factor is sonic analysis and that is the properties of reflection. An example of this is some auto manufacturers use sound reflections out of phase in order to mute certain sounds. The phase that occurs with reflecting sounds could mute some audio, add to the source audio, or even bounce to create an entirely identical sound that is slightly offset from the original, thus having people assume multiple actors.

    There is also the theory against the shooter’s location because of lack of muzzle flashes. As it is with “silencers” (suppressors) the film industry has distorted reality. These particular rifles do not have a wide muzzle flash as seen on film and, in addition, the barrels’ construction actually limit such muzzle flashes.

    Furthermore, we cannot leave out the footage itself and what it was captured on. The cameras used in virtually all the videos, at least the vast ones I’ve seen, do not have anywhere near the clarity to make the conclusions some have drawn. It is necessary to understand the algorithms used to record those videos. They are not like on film where every pixel is captured. The use of film has allowed very old shows to be digitally remastered and the result is a very clear image, far better than originally viewed. There is NO enhancement with digital capturing, and Hollywood’s portrayal notwithstanding.

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