Stepson of Beverly Nelson Says She Is Lying

Beverly Nelson stepped up the severity of the accusations.

The stepson of a woman accusing U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment says she is lying.

Darrel Nelson adds that he stands behind the judge 100%, all the way, and he doesn’t know why his stepmother Beverly Nelson is lying. He added that he knows he is going to take flak from the family for coming forward.

He’s not related to Beverly, he said, just his father and that’s who he owes his loyalty to. He is willing to make a public statement and go under oath.

His stepmother never mentioned this before but he doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with his stepmother.

Gloria Allred said Nelson is ready to testify under oath so let’s do it! None of the accusers have testified under oath.

Beverly Nelson won’t even answer reporters’ questions.

The fact is it is very possible the enemies of Roy Moore have orchestrated this. Who knows?

Roy Moore appears to be preparing a lawsuit over the infamous yearbook notation and signature Moore allegedly wrote in 1977.

Many believe the Yearbook notation and signature is a forgery. This doesn’t look like a forgery to me, but what do I know. You decide. Can’t Moore order forensics on this? Some are saying there was no ‘Olde Hickory House’ as the signature indicates, but there was at the time. It won’t prove Moore’s innocence.

If he wrote this, it’s inappropriate.

One thing that I, as a victim of sexual assault by a family member as a child, wonder why she is crying all these decades later. That’s nuts and unbelievable. Besides, all of Gloria’s ‘victims’ cry and are well-rehearsed.

Perhaps she is telling the truth. Maybe all the accusers are but they could all be lying.


  1. I am about the same age as the step mom here. I was raped when I was a kid. You don’t talk about it. In fact, you do your dead level best to forget that it ever happened. Now… after all these years… she remembers it like it happened yesterday? hmmm…? Somehow, I doubt it. People who really want to forget something usually do.

  2. Getty images has the best photo showing that there are 2 different colors of ink,30 minutes of forensics will prove it beyond any question since the blue part won’t have 40 years of oxidation damage.

  3. Another inconsistency for consideration… Nelson claims Moore had the car doors locked, was unable to get out of the car. When this incident supposedly occurred, there was no such thing as child safety car locks. No driver’s button to push locking all the car doors.

    Nelson would merely need to unlock the door herself.

  4. Great to see the “melting of the left”! GOD BLESS Moore for standing strong.
    Al Frankenstein???? NBC said that we need to stop having kids to save the planet!!!
    Can’t make this stuff up!

  5. There isn’t a camera good old Gloria doesn’t like! The minute she appears, I tune out. She is a pathetic excuse for a lawyer! Enough said.

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