Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld Councilman of Crookhaven


Update 11/8: Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld held his seat in the 1st Council District. Amazing.

Original Story: What Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld says and what he actually does are two different things. He frequently talks about how he doesn’t raise taxes and how he votes against tax increases, though he is careful to say he votes against general fund tax increases. Meanwhile the $3 million in backdoor taxes go unnoticed. The hidden “fees” on businesses, which will be passed down to us, and other costs to us, disguised as fees or investments in preservation, are raising the cost of living here astronomically.

Case in point, the Davis house purchase at 97 Main Street, Setauket. It’s value is an old rock and a 1740 house on 3 acres of property, bought with NYS taxpayer money through a grant, and then turned over to the Three Village Community Trust, who also benefitted from the razing of the West Meadow Beach cabins and a number of other old house purchases.

Well, what’s wrong with that you ask? Isn’t it wonderful to preserve the past and the “forest” as they call the Davis property, though 3 acres hardly qualifies as a  forest, but never mind that, isn’t it grand? Take a look under the wording of this photo before you decide it’s grand.

These politicians bought this house, with taxpayer money, for supposedly, “under market value.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis will be allowed to live there for life, which is fine. I am sure the Davis family are lovely people, but I can’t say if that should matter in any way.

The problem is that the “under market” price, we the taxpayer paid, was $875,000. The real market value according to Zillow is $439,600. The MLS puts the total market value as lower than the Zillow listing, which seems unrealistic, but comparables of homes sold in the area confirm a price range well under $875,000.

Beside the fact that we paid too much for the house in this market, why did we buy it at all in this economy? What is going on here?

Now look at the comparables surrounding Mrs. Davis’ home.

Area Surrounding 97 Main Street, Setauket


Further proof of purchase can be found here. Scroll down to the negative declaration.

This is the same as taxing us, but it’s hidden taxation, and this is only one example of hidden taxation in which Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld has been complicit. Why are we overpaying for an old home and a rock when we are paying astronomical taxes? Who are these Three Village Community Trust people? Would you run your household like this?

As Jim Soviero has written in the Herald,” in less than a year’s time, beginning December, 2009, Three Village had $6, 330,000 pass through the hands of elected officials.” “The hefty sum,” as he aptly defined it, was “applied to the purchase and preservation of two (TWO) properties. These deals were made as foreclosures skyrocketed, unemployment soared, and financially stressed residents warily eyed the next school budget. This amount of money would have come within $75,000 of covering the school budget.”

Mr. Rosenfeld likes to say that he has nothing to do with our ever-increasing unemployment. NYS employment has risen while Long Island has lost 13,000 jobs. If it’s the economy, as Mr. Fiore-Rosenfeld likes to say, then why is NYS employment going up while we are not?

As Jim Soviero posted in the Herald, welfare roles are up 40%, while the number of homeowners, at least 90 days late on their mortgage, are higher by one-third.

As property taxes rise in Suffolk County, the value of our property is decreasing dramatically. We need a change and I personally don’t want to hear councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld say unemployment is not relevant or have him misrepresent the increases in “fees” and “costs” he has placed on the businesses and property owners in his 1st Council District. How stupid does he think we are?