Steve Israel Bought By Big Labor & Wall Street


When Steve Israel was running for office last election cycle, I had the pleasure (irony here) of hearing him talk about how he had constituents complaining that he was a socialist and other constituents balking because he was too conservative. Turns out he’s neither. He’s just your typical crony politician.

According to Open Secrets, Israel has raised $1,581,081 for this election cycle (2011-2012), of which $15,790 comes from small donors, the “average Joe” like you and me.

Another $965,850 was raised from his top 100 donors, an all-star team of big labor and big business; many of those businesses from industries, which based on his committee assignments, Israel  is supposed to be overseeing (including those Wall Street firms he talks about on his campaign site). The following takes a look at the donations to his reelection campaign and political action committee (PAC).

All of the raw data comes from, a non-partisan organization which tracks campaign donations for all candidates of all parties…Read more: Yid With Lid