Steve Israel, Racist by His Democrat Party’s “Standards”



Long Island Congressman Steve Israel is chairman of the powerful Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, and a racist.  He’s a racist because his Leader, Nancy Pelosi said so.  If you don’t remember her calling Steve a bigot, it’s because she didn’t call him out by name.  She generalized her smear to cover elected officials who didn’t want to move forward on her version of immigration “reform”.

Now we all know Nancy’s shot was aimed at Republicans, but she wound up hitting every nationally elected Democrat who was in D.C. from 2008 through 2010.  Those were the two years her party controlled the Senate, House, and presidency, and guess what they didn’t do.  That’s right!  They didn’t pass an immigration law.  They didn’t even bring a bill forward.  Dems used their veto proof majorities to ram the unpopular ObamaCare down our throats, but couldn’t be bothered doing anything for the immigrants they claim to care so deeply about now.

Actually, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  Students of even relatively recent history know about the Democrat’s intolerance of minorities.  Their prejudices were the focus of our nation’s attention not so long ago.  They led the fight for segregation, separation of the races, during the Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968).  Depending on the state, there were “colored water fountains” and bathrooms, side by side with “white water fountains” and bathrooms. White folks sat in the front of the bus, blacks in the back.  Attack dogs and fire hoses were used when needed to keep courageous black protestors “in their place”.

These practices were championed by such famous/infamous Democrats (very partial list) as Governors George Wallace, Harry Byrd, Francis Cherry, Jimmy Davis, Orval Faubus, Marvin Griffin, Robert Kennon, Lester Maddox, Fielding L. Wright,  and John McKeithen.  Selecting just a couple of well known Dem senators from the scores that were segregationists we have Robert Byrd, who was a high ranking member of the KKK, and Arkansas’ William Fulbright, a fellow Bill Clinton proudly claimed as his political mentor.  FYI, Al Gore Sr., daddy of Bill’s VP, joined many members of his party in voting against the Civil Rights Laws of the 1960’s.

So in an act of political desperation we have Pelosi, and her “me too” parrot Steve Israel, claiming Republicans are racists for dragging their feet on legislation she and her partisan crew of race baiters could have easily passed 4 years ago.  Israel, ever the pillar of courage and virtue, made his charge on CNN Sunday, but failed to mention a single person either among his GOP colleagues, or their “base”, who fit his definition.

So come on Steve. Since you claimed “To a significant extent….” (Republicans)…. “were animated by racism.” it shouldn’t be hard to out them.  Stand strong and identify these biased, intolerant, men and women.  Do it for the country.  Do it for the oppressed.  We’ve named names, now it’s your turn.  Put up or shut up.