Steve Wynn Rant Over Obama’s Socialist Attacks on Business-He’s Not Alone

Steve Wynn, Wynn Casinos and Hotels

Steve Wynn rants on conference call about Obama’s socialist attack on business. Steve Wynn is a Democrat.

President Obama has indeed been bad for business, sending more and more jobs overseas. Consider economist Thomas Sowell’s latest comments…President Obama’s rhetoric deplores such “outsourcing,” but his administration’s policies make outsourcing an ever more attractive alternative to investing in the United States and creating American jobs.

Blithely piling onto American businesses both known costs like more taxes and unknowable costs — such as the massive ObamaCare mandates that are still evolving — provides more incentives for investors to send their money elsewhere to escape the hassles.

Hardly a month goes by without this administration coming up with a new anti-business policy — whether directed against Boeing, banks or other private enterprises. Neither investors nor employers can know when the next one is coming or what it will be. These are unknown unknowns…Read here: Thomas Sowell

EPA zoning regulations present another threat and the costs will be astronomical:Business leaders identified the proposed ozone regulations as one of the greatest threats to U.S. economic growth and job creation now coming from executive branch rulemaking. The regulatory process itself also makes the EPA’s ozone rule entirely discretionary; under law, the EPA’s next scheduled standard ozone review would take place in 2013. In addition, the current rulemaking preempts the scientific review now being conducted by an EPA-appointed panel.

“Establishing these new ozone standards would be tantamount to putting ‘not open for business’ signs in counties across the country at precisely the wrong moment, when unemployment is high and on the rise,” said John Engler, President of Business Roundtable. “The unprecedented number of new and pending regulatory requirements comes at a significant cost, diverting substantial capital from more productive, job-creating uses.”

The groups issued their call for regulatory restraint after the EPA sent its draft regulations to the Office of Management and Budget for review. On Friday, business leaders sent White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley a letter warning of the damage the new regulations would do to the economy and employers. Read here: EPA hurting business

From CBN News:…Businesses have money on hand, with record profits in some cases, but a lack of confidence in the economic future has them clinging to their cash.

“So if you want to give Main Street confidence, you’ve got to guarantee that their taxes are going to stay at a low level. You’ve got to promise them,” Jean Card, vice president of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, said.

“You’ve got to show them that their regulatory burden will be reduced, and you’ve got to tell them that health care is going to change,” Card said. “I mean, quite frankly, the health care law is terrible for small business.”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do business with the guy,” business owner Shelley Hymes said… Read here: The uncertainty over taxes and healthcare – bad for business

Obama’s corporate jet tirade: Six times in his June 29 news conference, President Obama spat out references to corporate jets as if they were a boil that needed to be lanced. As recently as this week, he said he wanted to kill the “egregious loopholes that are benefiting corporate jet owners or oil companies at a time where they’re making billions of dollars of profits.”…Read here: Demonize & Politicize

Union intimidation hurts business. One example is the Boeing case. American Airlines is going to order more jets from Aerobus than Boeing, despite their long-standing relationship. They have only bought from Boeing prior to this, but now say they don’t want to rely on only one company since they need the planes in a timely fashion. Could this have anything to do with the unions ongoing strikes and work stoppages which have actually caused Boeing to miss at least one deadline? Could it be connected to the NLRB attack on Boeing?

The NLRB attacked Boeing with falsehoods, further intimidating businesses and not a word from the President:…Fictitious complaint – The NLRB complaint fictitiously says Boeing has decided to “remove” or “transfer” work from Washington. Actually, Boeing has so far added more than 2,000 workers in Washington, where planned production — seven 787s a month, full capacity for that facility — will not be reduced. Besides, how can locating a new plant here violate the rights of IAM members whose collective bargaining agreement with Boeing gives the company the right to locate new production facilities where it deems best?

The NLRB says Boeing has come here “because” IAM strikes have disrupted production and “to discourage” future strikes…Read here: NLRB’s vicious attack on Boeing