Stop & Frisk Ends in NYC, Gun Violence Increases But It’s Okay


end stop and frisk

Immediately after the effective policy of Stop & Frisk was essentially eliminated by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton, gun violence rose. It has tied the hands of the police.

Gun violence jumped 43% this year compared to the same time last year.  The increase in gun victims in 2014 is at 13%, there were 129 gun victims in May 2014 alone.

Commissioner Bratton said they were working against an extraordinarily good year last year, but compared to other years, they are “actually doing pretty good.” He said that even though gun violence is up, homicides are down. However, that is probably because the Fire Department has increased response time and has more ambulances available during peak hours.


Commissioner Bratton, overseeing the City of Love, the unsafe City of Love

We will soon look like Chicago.

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