Stunning Interview: Lt. Gen. McInerney’s Sources Say The Plane is in Pakistan – Update


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This stunning interview with the very reputable Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney affirms the missing Malaysian plane could be in Pakistan.

Lt Gen McInerney

Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

Lt. Gen.McInerney believes the plane landed in Pakistan. He bases this on information from his sources and from his suspicions about Iran and Pakistan being involved. He does not know the fate of the passengers.

He said that if the Navy quits their search in the Indian Ocean, they must know something. For the Israelis to beef up their security, they must know something.

He believes the plane could be turned into a weapon of mass destruction or a carrier of conventional weapons to attack US interests, Israel, carriers and so one.

The Boeing report out of Langley indicates the plane could be in Western Pakistan. They had enough fuel to make the trip. They appeared to have overloaded the fuel on the plane, which may be routine, that’s an unknown.

The pilots had communications through satcom and their FM, VHF, UHF radio. They didn’t turn off communications, they turned off navigation aids.

The general believes they were listening in on communications and communicating with the target landing base.

The best leaks have come from the US government. He thinks we will know more in the next day or two.


We reported on this story earlier today and you can read that on this link.


Update: 20:30 EDT: Boeing came out with a denial today. Lt. Gen. McInerney appeared on The Kelly File this evening in which he responded. Meanwhile, the Australians have found debris that could be connected to the missing flight.


Update: 03/20/14: Australians have found debris that could be from the Malaysian plane about 1600 miles SW of Perth.  Read about it on this link.

Update: 10/20/14: Additional comments from experts on this link.