Stunning New Email Shows Obama Promoting Mass Murderers in Malaysia for TPP



In a stunning new email, we find that Barack Obama only promoted the mass murdering leadership of Malaysia to pass TPP.

In an email from Hillary Clinton to team members Nikki Budzinski and Jake Sullivan, she writes:

The Obama administration will remove Malaysia from its official list of the world’s worst human trafficking offenders, according to Reuters…a move human rights advocates fear will damage U.S. credibility. The maneuver would allow the administration to continue negotiating a controversial trade agreement with Malaysia and 10 other Pacific nations…


The government is a serious violator of Human Rights. They persecute LGBT activists and political opponents. According to Human Rights Watch, as of today, “The government renewed its crackdown on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, and passed new laws permitting preventive detention without charge as well as suspension of civil liberties in the name of counterterrorism and national security.”

They murder people on suspicion, without trial and bury them in mass graves. Sometimes they murder migrants and political opponents. At least 139 mass graves have been found so far.

Barack Obama doesn’t care about the moral aspects of what he did. He only cares about his ideology and that is globalism/communism.