Suffolk County Politicians for Communism and Socialism

Tim Bishop, Steve Bellone, Kate Browning

Long Island has become a nesting place for Socialist and Communist sympathizers in our political offices because that is the direction our union leaders are taking. The Democratic Party on Long Island has been bought and paid for by Big Labor. These same politicians are big supporters of the Flea Party on Wall Street who are nothing more than a far left mob.

We love the union workers at Independent Sentinel. I have been one. We don’t love union bosses. The Teacher Union bosses are not in it for the workers as one example. Look at the the  double dip raises they just took for themselves during a recession.  What hubris and disregard for the people! So much for their “common good” mantra.

Some of their raises were equal to an entire years’ salary for a teacher. Secretary-Treasurer Lee Cutler’s base salary jumped $75,500, or 54 percent, to $216,261 from $140,670; his total compensation grew by $94,211 to $306,121.

Pauline Kinsella, executive director, received an 18 percent raise, and her base salary went to $202,039 from $170,566, records show. Vice President Maria Neira saw a 12 percent raise, and her salary jumped to $213,389 from $189,935, and her total compensation reached $303,843.Read here: Double dealing union leaders

We especially don’t love union leaders who collaborate with protests that are orchestrated by Communists as were the “We Are One” rallies on April 4th. They took place throughout our nation and advertised as a uniting of Communists and Unions.  Communists and Big Labor Unite on April 4, 2011, click here:  April 4th rallies, click here: National Teach-in April 5th, click here.

A “We Are One” rally took place in Hauppauge in support of the union-communist pact. Attendees were Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, Steve Bellone, Kate Browning, Sara Ankar and other Long Island politicians. I guess we know where they stand on communism and socialism.

Next time you hear one of your local politicians supporting the OWSers, remember this list of people who also support them and ask yourself if this is the team you want to play on.