Superhero for Choice – Planned Parenthood’s Violent Cartoon Gets a 10 Out of 10 on the Boring Scale


I was very disappointed that Komen, the breast cancer charity, caved on the issue of donating to Planned Parenthood after three days of bad press.

Komen withdraw their funding [before they didn’t] because Planned Parenthood is under investigation.

Donors who give to Komen do not necessarily want their money to go to abortions. They generally want it to go to mammograms but planned parenthood gives no such guarantees.

Now for their symbolic cartoon of who and what Planned Parenthood stands for – violence and immorality. This August 2005 video from their site, makes a violent superhero into the savior from people who encourage abstinence or who are pro life. It’s also one of the dumbest cartoons I’ve seen on you tube.

The Superhero drowns a very weird man who tells the children to abstain. Of course he’s a weirdo who looks like he should be tying women to train tracks.

What used to be good common sense – not having sex before having the emotional maturity to handle it – is now relegated to weirdness and insanity. The superhero drowns the weirdo who wants them to abstain and she does it in front of the children. Certainly anyone who wants a child to abstain from sex deserves to die.

The superhero then runs into zombies who are the pro-lifers. Naturally, anyone who believes life begins at birth must be a zombie. Certainly, they are not allowed to their own opinions. Our super heroine again feels the need to destroy them because they annoy her. She is a murderess basically.

The doctors in Africa are saving lives thanks to reproductive rights and naturally they are wonderful. Just so you know, in addition to “choice,” abortion is a “reproductive right.”

There is also a strong racist overtone to this video – watch it for yourself and see.

Planned Parenthood promotes the usurpation of parental rights by allowing children of any age to receive contraception and abortions without parental permission. Planned Parenthood is outrageously out-of-control.

Not only does this video encourage immorality and violence, it gets a 10 out of a possible 10 on the boring scale, 10 being sleep-inducing boring.