Supreme Court LiveStreaming Now – Mandate Unconstitutional Under Commerce Clause But Survives As A Tax


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Mandate unconstitutional as a commerce clause, but survives as a tax, because they do not read it as a penalty.

However, states have a choice over the expansion of Medicaid, and they cannot be threatened with the withdrawal of funding.

Obama lied when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes.

It’s not a tax according to Obama –

Taxes abound now. Over $800bn in new taxes including a 3.8% real estate tax, a 2.5% penalty by 2016, and so on. They can force everyone to pay for anything with taxes. Catholics – you’re paying for abortions – still love universal healthcare?

Are we all happy to be socialists now? Sanders the Socialist is tweeting his glee over the new socialist healthcare mandate – it’s now a right and an unaffordable one. By 2030, it will be 100% of our GDP!

Rubio – A victory for Obamacare means a victory for middle class taxes. It means all Americans must buy healthcare and we will be hounded to death by the IRS.