Surprising Support from a Leftist for Trump’s Taiwan Call

President of Taiwan, Tsai ling-wen
President of Taiwan, Tsai ling-wen

The media has gone ballistic over Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Taiwan who he says called him though there are reports that it was well-planned. That should make people feel better, but it hasn’t. Trump is sending a message to China that they haven’t gotten in years as they build and arm fake islands in the middle of a key traffic lane for world commerce.

When President Obama sold $1.8 billion in arms to Taiwan, didn’t he have to have spoken to them?

His stand is a tough one as opposed to leading from behind. We need China but they need us as well. The White House said today that they are committed to a one China policy.

Taiwan leaders are the good guys who promote freedom and democracy. China are the oppressive, Communist guys.

Fareed Zacharia was supportive of Trump’s Taiwan call in a discussion with Allisyn Camerota. That is very surprising given his highly critical far-left stance on most every issue.

“Well, I think it could signal that Trump is searching for leverage with China, which is not a bad thing. I think the key here is that it should be part of a thought-through strategy where they have figured out here are the things we want from China, here are the points of leverage we’re going to use. In that context, making some overtures to Taiwan is not a bad idea.

It’s just with the way in which it was done and the fact that, for example, no allies of ours seem to have been informed of it, whether it’s the Japanese or the South Koreans. The kind of Twitter-based diplomacy, if you will. That’s the part that I think is not just throwing some of us in the United States off but many people around the world. You know, people look to American foreign policy as a kind of bedrock of international order, so they want to see it strategic, carefully planned.

But the substance of it — I think people are getting overly critical. The truth of the matter is we need leverage with China. China is a country that cooperates with the United States on many issues, but on many issues we need to be able to push them harder.”

People better get used to the unconventional approach. Unconventional is what put Trump in the White House. It might keep our frenemies and enemies guessing. That’s a good thing.

What former Ambassador Bolton said on Fox News is making the rounds of social media. Why does China get to tell the president of the United States who he can speak with on the phone?