Miriam Carey, 34

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The woman in a black Infiniti [Miriam Carey, age 34, a dental hygienist from Connecticut] who rammed or bumped a barrier near the White House and led police on a high speed chase for about a mile has been shot dead by police. There was a small child [ she was 14 months] in the car when the mother was shot to death but she appeared fine. After the suspect was shot, she was brought to a local hospital where it was confirmed by reporters, who saw her on the gurney, that she was deceased, shot multiple times.

There were two efforts to get her to stop the car and get out of the car, both initially and when they had her cornered.

Some reports say she rammed a police car and left an officer hurt who was flown out injured. He sustained minor injuries.

She was shot before a police officer saw the child in the car. At least a dozen shots were fired into the car.

Some conjecture that she was lost, bumped a barricade, and took off in confusion and distress. Other reports say she tried to knock down the barricade.

The chase began  at 15th and Penn. Ave. NW at 2:15 at the edge of the White House grounds near the Treasury Department. 

Witnesses said she was driving extremely fast as she attempted to get away.

A second police officer who joined the chase and hit a barrier is conscious and breathing. His car was demolished.

Black LexusOfficer checks a black Lexus

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Officer Down

Police swarm around the Infinit, a luxury car


Update: 10/3/13: Miriam Carey, age 34, an African-American, a dental hygienist from Connecticut is the woman in the black Infiniti. She had a history of mental health problems. The child was a 14-months old female.

Only police officers fired shots. She was unarmed.

Officers said she had a conversation with officers at the barricade and then tried to plow through the barricade. When she couldn’t, she sped off. She refused to get out of the car twice.

Update: 10/4/13: Miriam Carey’s mother Idella said her daughter had post-partum depressions since giving birth last August. She was hospitalized for it last year. Shortly announced she was pregnant, she fell down the stairs and sustained a head injury. Her former boss said she was unmarried but seemed happy about the baby.

Carey’s former boss of eight years, Dr Steven Oken, said in the eight years he knew Miriam she was ‘always happy’ – and not interested in politics. Neighbors told the New York Daily News she was ‘a nice young lady, stable.’

She was unarmed, except for the car.

The one officer she hit sustained only minor injuries the more seriously injured officer received them when he crashed into a barrier after joining the chase with the Secret Service.

The media has been raving about the bravery of the Capitol Hill police. Why? They chased down an unarmed woman with a baby. AB Stoddard of The Hill made a point of saying they were very brave for doing it while not getting paid. Hello? What does a paycheck have to do with them doing their job bravely? Not getting paid makes them brave? How stupid.