Suspect In Norway Bombings Is A Muslim Hater


Andres Brevik, Suspect in Norway Bombings

Reuters reported that according to a Norwegian television station, the shooter “has links to right-wing extremism.” The right wing groups in Norway are anti-semitic and anti-Muslim in general.

It appears that the Norway bomber was an anti-Muslim crusader. It also appears that the maximum penalty he faces is a little over 20 years in jail so he’ll be out in time to murder again.

It is still unconfirmed that the Manifesto discussed in the video below is the bombers, though it appears to be. It is also uncertain as to whether or not there were two bombers.

The killer at work.

A side effect of this is the far left in the United States is already blaming and comparing the tea party and conservatives for the thinking that lead to this horrible attack. That would be equivalent to Conservatives blaming Obama for the human rights abuses in China – the two mindsets are not related. Will a horrific mass murder be used to defame anyone in this country who represents conservativism? Here is one example (and I found many) of hate towards Christian Conservatives linking them to the likes of this man and Timothy McVeigh. Read here: Revolting example of hate towards Christian Conservatives