Sweden Has an Ingenious Solution for the Radical Rise in Sexual Assaults

Sweden’s all feminist government. How is that working out for women?

According to Defend Europa, Sweden is now number 2 in rapes in Europe per capita. They’ve seen a 13% rise from 2015 to 2016.

Peter Sweden posted the rape statistics for 2016, Sweden vs Poland and he has a question for you.

– 10 million inhabitants.
– 6 715 rapes
– 11% successfully cleared up.

– 40 million inhabitants.
– 1 383 rapes.
– 80% successfully cleared up.

The question Mr. Sweden asks is what could possibly be the difference?

Sweden has the answer for rapes though — Consent Laws!

Everyone would have to sign consent before sexual relations if the laws go through.  They think it puts the responsibility on the rapist instead of the claimant. They are calling it “historic legislation“.

Addressing victims, Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister, said: “Society is standing by your side.”

There is one problem with rapists however. What if the rapist forces his victim to sign the consent form?

There are other initiatives to include a ban on buying sex from women abroad.



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