Syrian Kurds Under Assault by Egyptian Brotherhood Rebels


Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood rebels

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are fighting in Syria against Assad alongside rebel forces. They are seen here in the small Kurdish town of Qabasin where they have taken 30 Kurds hostage for fighting with non-Islamist rebels. In the top photo, they can be seen with their captives.

Armed Egyptian Brotherhood fighters in Syria have been threatening and coercing Kurdish rebels fighting with the secularists in Syria. The Egyptian Brotherhood are becoming a growing force inside Syria.

We have heard a lot about the Al Qaeda rebels in Syria, but we have not heard as much about the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood fighters who are fighting alongside the secularist and Christian rebels attempting to defeat Assad.

In a recently posted YouTube video, armed Egyptian Brotherhood fighters are seen threatening 30 Kurdish hostages. The captives are being told that they will be killed if they don’t accept Shari’ia law and the “Brotherhood’s” interpretation of Islam.

The captives were ordered to ‘repent to God’;  surrender their arms; to not join the Democratic Union Party which the captors called the ‘infidel secular PKK’; and they were ordered to sign a pledge which they had to publicize to the townspeople.

The pledge avows full repentance from the party, refusal to join any organization that fights ‘God and his prophet,’ rejection of any coordination with such groups, and a year of repentance.

The captives were given pamphlets on Islamic teachings and brought to the town where they read the pledges to a few townspeople. It is not known if the hostages were released afterwards – their fate is unknown.

The video was posted by The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group not associated with the Assad government.

This is why we need a clear strategy for our role in Syria that includes how we will handle the aftermath.