Syria’s Arab Fall


Front Page Magazine reports that the U.S. government and Turkey have roundly supported the takeover of the Syrian government by Islamist extremists instead of seeking out the true democratic opposition forces.

The Syrian National Council is being supported by the U.S. and Turkey. The U.S. actually joined with CAIR in supporting this opposition group, despite the fact that CAIR is a Hamas-linked front for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Syrian National Council has 71 members and 34 are Islamists. The Muslim Brotherhood has announced plans to join the opposition to the Syrian government though it has not officially joined this group as of yet.

There are secular opposition forces who want democracy whom we could support since there are only 15-20% radical Islamists living in Syria. One such group is the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians. Our government seems to have problems sorting out friends from enemies.

The Arab League has suspended Syria’s membership because of its abuse of opposition forces. Assad has done a great job of convincing the people that their only alternative is Islamic rule when in fact there are real liberation forces. Tens of thousands of Syrian government supporters poured into Syria today to protest the decision by the Arab League. Ambassadors are fleeing as thousands storm embassies.

Syria claims the United States is fomenting the revolts in order to provoke a Libyan-like NATO attack.

In any case, if we don’t support the right people, Syria will most likely fall to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s November 7th speech left many in the Middle East with the belief that the United States supports Islamist parties.

She started off by saying “not all Islamists are alike” and noted that political parties—be they Christian, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim—respect rules of democratic politics. That is, she said, “what parties call themselves is less important than what they do”—respect freedom of speech and the rule of law, reject violence, and relinquish power if defeated at the polls.

Washington has boldly announced intent to talk to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and there is the recent Shalit deal that was concluded with the Brotherhood’s affiliate Hamas.

PJ Media has stated –

…The Obama Administration is now on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizballah, and the Taliban (“moderate” wing). It is the equivalent of an American government telling you that Communism and fascism are no threat because they can be tamed by participating in elections and being in power.

Thus, the Obama Administration has openly sided with Israel’s enemies. I don’t mean the Palestinian Authority (PA) or Saudi Arabia. That would be tolerable. We’re talking here about openly genocidal, antisemitic groups.

It has also sided with the enemies of the PA, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. It has sided with the enemies of democratic forces in Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon. Indeed, the U.S. government is working to empower the most dangerous enemies of democracy in the Middle East.

What’s especially remarkable is that this strategy is based on no evidence…

Hillary Clinton, speaking for the Obama administration, portrays the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood as moderate and they are anything but moderate.